Skins and mounts unselectable after Hogger patch

Me too, my golden horse is marked as ‘owned’, but can’t pick it.

I noticed I am missing a bunch of DVA skins, goliath, sharkmouth goliath, hazard goliath, pro dva, elite pro dva, competitive pro dva skins. Probably more on other characters.

Missing DVA skins

Example of the issue, here.

I can confirm the Golden Treasure Goblin is unselectable as well

Sad Cloud Mount also unselecatble but still owned as well.

Yup, same for me too. Multiple skins across multiple heroes unselectable, even though owned

I have the same issue. Alot of different skins are back locked for several different heroes. Alot of my favorites :frowning:

same issue, noticed it with zeratul skins. noxious ancient and hollow unraveler zeratul skins show as owned in collection tab but locked in loadouts

I can confirm as well. Several Malthael skins aren’t selectable even though I’ve had them for years. I haven’t checked others yet so I’m not sure how widespread the issue is.

I’ve also run into this issue, saw it on cheerleader Kerrigan. haven’t taken inventory or anything so idk what else

has blizzard addressed this yet>?

same issue here. I Had a happy cloud. In the store i still own it but i cannot use it in game… So i paid 5 dollar to buy a angry cloud to see if that solved the issue. now i cannot use that either,…

Hey there everyone!

I want to thank you all for your patience while we identified, fixed, and tested this issue. Everyone’s reports were super helpful and I really appreciate all the help!

You should now have access to any and all skins, mounts, etc that you had before this or anything earned / purchased during this.

Again, thank you all for your patience and I apologize for the inconvenience!


I just logged in and couldn’t select or find the pink Ghost Speeder mount after I used it earlier this week.

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In Quick Play is fixed, but the problem remains exactly the same in rankeds

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I have the same problems, hundreds of skins and mounts disappeared from my account… I cant even quantify the loss cause I had almost any mount and Skin. different hundreds of euros disappeared???

No Blizzard, IM FURIOUS

I’m still unable to select certain skins in drafted game modes, although I can in quick match. I noticed it on the Frozen Grave Warden Malthael skin, though I imagine there are others. I have a screenshot(s) of this issue if that’s helpful.

Still not fixed for me. Missing lots of mounts and skins.

I have the same problem! with Dva skin i noticed not selectable

I’m still unable to use the Frozen Grave Warden skin, and was wondering if there has been any progress made on the locked cosmetics issue?