Silver is literally unplayable

4/5 games are filled with trolls, afks, toxic players who will purposely throw, and people who will report you for trying to communicate.

I almost made it into Gold, but at this point I’m considering just quitting. The game is fun - the player base is horrendous, and with this many games being trolled it’s simply a waste of time.


You need to give your teammates confidence they can manage it
Catch mistakes of other players and play someone who can manage multiple roles like Imperius who can waveclear after the patch , solo kill and tank

It’s true you’ll get quite the challenging players in silver. The thing is, they’re on both teams, so it’s not really an excuse. If you’re better than the AFK, trolls, toxic players, and don’t throw, you’ll be winning more games to rank up.

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My biggest “cannot break this rank” was silver. Its quite the hurdle. Either push through and find enjoyment from that or find a new game.

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Yep you can grind through it if you are really above Silver in skill. But it can be a really painful grind. At a win rate like 51% it’ll take ages to get out of it. Not everyone likes it, and I don’t blame a gold/plat main for just giving up on that league.

I got out of Silver and it took months of playing as a mediocre/below mediocre player. (Gold was actually easier to get out of, because teammates were somewhat more competent)

As with anything SL related, it’s a grind. Players like Fan grind through it in days, others in weeks, some will take much longer.

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I agree completely with you friend. I’m sorry to hear that.

Easiest way out of Silver is try to find like-minded players who will queue as 2-3.

Avoid groups of 4-5 as you’re much more likely to encounter try-hards and/or smurfs.

Play overpowered combinations and always play to win. Silver actually moves pretty quick if you play like this. You’ll stall out in Gold if your skill level isn’t high enough to move to Plat, but you can certainly get out of Silver if you genuinely believe you are top-3 player in every game you play.

Also, avoid playing complicated heroes that rely on your teammates to fill holes – i.e. don’t play Vikings/Abathur. And don’t pick heroes with poor wave clear.


Just run around Butchering everyone EZ


^ What @RayRay said!

And don’t let yourself get tilted by “don’t be another vegan butcher pls”. :crazy_face:

Yeah this is so painfully true that when you’re queuing with your 3-4 friends you will get most likely smurfs on the enemy team. My friends and I aren’t that bad, but there are more than enough matches I remember we got destroyed by smurfs. And don’t get me wrong I also have beaten smurfs it’s not like that I am completely helpless against them, but since it’s a team game it’s happening sometimes.

Agreed. 20 char here

This game needs some sort of tutorial for new players. They don’t understand anything. If you ping the Heroic advantage or that someone is dead, they will still initiate a fight no matter what. They don’t even understand that they are at a disadvantage AT ALL. That is not learned in QM or AI or ARAM. They have no concept of player levels, death timers, that camps generate XP. That is why games suck at that level. Gold isn’t MUCH better, you just have LESS clueless people. If you want good games, you need to actually attempt to teach new players. And they won’t take advice from a fellow player, it has to come from Blizzard.


This is ranked life all the way up to Gm friend, i wish you the best of luck not quitting on the grindmaster journey.

A lot of players no matter what elo they are just are stupid. Fighting down a man isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense you’re at a DISADVANTAGE.

Gold and Plat isn’t any better.

Once you reach gold, you’ll notice the same thing but slightly better players lol

So what you’re saying is:

“It’s no use!”

You also get trolls and toxic people in Diamond + Master. It doesn’t change.

Nothing like this. If thou have trolls on thy team, etc. it means that the enemy team is all right. Therefore, 90% of all matches have a difference of 3-4 levels between teams.

Every rank is “literally unplayable” until you reach at least Diamond 2. I say this as a Platinum. :sweat_smile:

Considering as a Silver you can now be playing with someone in Bronze or Gold, or Platinum, due to how they allow players to group, you’re probably almost never just in “Silver”.

I hardly ever as a Plat get a game where it’s just Plat’s vs Plat’s, it’s almost always a mix of ranks. To make the game more playable, I suggest you team up, solo won’t be a great experience unless you’re much more skilled than your current rank.

True and as I am climbing my way out of silver again with Leoric I can agree with you on that and I probably shouldn’t stop thinking too much about climb. As you can see my recent reply in Salt Mines I get even triggered by plat players… I expect too much from them, because they are “higher” than me by rank.

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