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We can agree to disagree.

My team would be happy that I deny murky pufferfish all game and he gets none of our camps for free. Why would your team be happy they get a fair 4 v 4 when in a real match murky loses the teamfight eventually in 5 v 5s? You’re assuming you will catch the cassia when the same could be said for the cassias team helping her out. In everything equal, cassia will outperform murky assuming both 4 mans go equal.

That’s easy, because you don’t draft Cassia as a counter for Murky, but for different purposes, that means it wouldn’t be a fair 4v4, when a Cassia is missing, dealing with Murky. Your team should build a team around Murky, if all players are good.

A good team with Murky looks probably very similar to a good team with The Vikings, both have similar strength I would say. Vikings push-ability is surely better, but he is harder to play, but therefore Murkys gank ability is way better thanks to Octograb.

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I’d rather go with Vikings but good luck with murky

And here is the thing it is all about personal taste and it’s alright. :smiley: That’s why we have the diversity of heroes, because everyone prefers different ways and strategys to achieve the same goal: to win and destroy the enemy core.

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Did you report ETC for non participation? Doesn’t looklike he was playing.

Chens selfheal, damage, kills, assists look very appropriate.

Maybe this belong to the Replay Thread, but this game made me really salty.
Our Greymane was a bot, I as Gaz was the sololaner. We had a Xul and a Raynor to ping GM, but no… they rather see him at base or under Aba.
At first I thought these morons turned chat off and that’s why they ignore the “ping gm” chats and the reason why I had to do even that.
But then there’s a camp fight where Raynor instead did a boss and he dares to write in chat that “boss is better than a camp”.
And when I write “so you do see chat”, he says yes, I say “ping gm” and silence once again. And he and Xul died 9 times.
Oh my god, they didn’t deserve to be carried…


I was an early pick, as most of my team mates either wouldn’t pick or didn’t show anything. We lost that game. Then the Murky player was on the other team next game, and we won.

I hate how much of a lottery the game can be.

I was responding to Melke’s comment. This didn’t have anything to do with my comp. But I would disagree that double soaking and roaming cursed hollows is a good idea. Especially with Kerrigan’s W being the only CC we have.

He did. He Q’d into the enemy team every chance he had. When we were lucky we got a kill out of it. But as you can see he rarely survived.

Actually, he was the reason we lost the game. He chased a lot. Late game, we got 2 kills and absolutely had to control both temples because we had no keeps left. He chased 2 targets by himself. I pinged retreat, Tass pinged retreat, Malf pinged retreat, even ETC pinged him. He kept chasing all the way to the other side of the map, and died. And we lost.

Hey you won a game with a bot :+1:

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I do that quite often. Most bots are actually quite good.
They only do terribly if their kit/playstyle is weird, like Butch and Hammer, but Greymane bot was a beast!
Sometiems I even win games with 2 bots on my side.

I’ve only ever won one game with a bot. And it wasn’t a bot the whole game.

Then again, I’m often solo laner, so me pinging the bot would make no sense. And no one else usually will.

Hammer has the worse A.I. ever, and Bot Zagara is OP. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen hammer just walk into the enemy team not even attacking.

I can’t help but wonder if this was a jab or not

Oh well.

Tell my team I can counter Tass with Tracer, but I shouldn’t pick early. No one locks, then as soon as I’m forced to pick, we get a Genji and they show Anduin / Mura.

I tell my team we might want Johanna since our wave clear sucks. We still get Mura.

I can’t remember the last time I was on a team with a decent comp. And I keep losing games.


You were on team voice all alone. I’d volunteer but we have conflicting roles of interest

Oh, I finally had a normal comp. But on the crucial fight for the objective, our Garrosh threw me at a Diablo using Lightning breath for some reason :frowning:

Another game lost.

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Why people think that because they see someone playing an assassin, they think they can play him so good as well.

And then you have assassin “mains”, instalocking Tassadar, having 25k hero damage and below 100 stacks on Q quest at lvl 21.
Seriously… how the F. did you get to high diamond?!

Assuming that people in high diamond compared to low elo have more awareness and are better in dodging skillshots it is not hard to see that the Tass player needs more effort to complete his quest…

Even though it sounds unbelieveable, because his Q has an extremely long and wide range. :joy:

Not sure if i’m really salty, but i LoL at anduin casting CHASTISE at a pyroblast x.x\

(it wasn’t very effective)


Help him he was very scared.

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I grouped with someone from my friends list so that I’d be less likely to get a catastrophe again. He was afk the whole game! So we got a bot Tychus… Lost in 14 mins.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Seven games in a row of someone on my team giving the enemy a win. Even considering my usual bad luck this is insane! I’m down to a win rate of 38%

I keep waiting to be on the other side of it. Maybe the other team will have an afk, maybe the enemy will have a comp that makes no sense, maybe it will be someone on the enemy team who suicides. But it’s not happening.

All the effort I put into getting to Plat. All of that was wasted. I don’t know that I can keep playing. It just keeps happening over and over! :frowning:
(Oh, and lost extra points because the game thinks I should have won that)


Because he got 4 other players that can help him get diamond while his own skill lvl is only gold.

Same thing applies to fake masters that has been silver 5 for most of thier time in hots.

What region are you?