Revive this game

I know this topic is brought up a lot but have gotten a total of 10 friends to drop 20+ hours on this game we all love it the only thing keeping it from being a game we play all day is the player count I hope to see this game have a burst of more popularity one day


That’s my biggest wish for this game too, like a really big advertising push or something. To make the player count climb up.

But deep down I know they wont probably do it for a classic game that is barely even updated anymore.


So sad how such a fun game can just be ignored like that honestly hots is more enjoyable than lol and ow rn but it just isn’t alive enough to put all the hours into it that I want too

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“Doctor! The patient is unconscious and fading fast!”
“No change!”
“Take off it’s shirt and let me see it’s back!”
“No…it’s far worse than I feared.”
“What is it?!”
“It’s a parasite. Look…”
“Gasp! H…how do we cure it?”
“The only way is for customers to stop buying Activison products and for game developers to stop merging with them…”
“But that…that can take years or perhaps never happen! Activison has too much money and people are stupid!”
“Yeah… It’s only a matter of time before Blizzard…melts away…”


Activision curse is so bad destiny 2 dies after they left them lmao

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there is no way to revive this game and that’s a good thing

Don’t. There are already enough people suffering from the horrible engine this game runs on and from broken and abused report system (not a complaint, i’m one of then even though im banned every single month).

Unless activison for at least does something for their playerbase (reworks and improves the game), promoting a broken game is a crime.

1 Hour que and out last pick was AFK…

I honestly don’t get it, why post to a forum for a game you no longer like? I mean, I acknowledge the flaws in HOTS, but I still enjoy it. When I no longer enjoy it I won’t be posting here, why would I?


it’s a good game, just not everyone has bothered to try it and league of legends + dota 2 still remain pretty dominant

To get more players, they’d need to advertize.

They won’t… for some reason.
Even in a period when new players are the most likely to come in because they’re at home with nothing to do.


They did say in an AMA (I think late 2019) they were considering advertising. It’s unlikely as you say, when they don’t even update the shop with new seasonal items they might possibly make cash money from, advertising isn’t going to happen.

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ya thats a good point. all that has to do was turn off winter, go to lunar new. add old packages for ppl to buy. this would had atleast gave them a chance to make new money on old content, even without doing anything new. but ya, game is still fun to play:D

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The real thing that killed this game was the lenient reporting system.1 true report of abusive chat should be enough to get somebody silenced, not 20

That would be an excellent way to kill HOTS faster. One report and you’re silenced, I can’t see how that would be abused at all.


Snowflake players need to not think “git gud, noob, trash, uninstall, gg, and stop feeding” as reportable

when did I say I didn’t like it? I just think it’s ok not revive a game that has run it’s course. next time could you please respond to what actually say

I feel personally attacked.

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HailFail said one true report, so IMO the problem with that sugestion isn’t that it would be abusable (is that a word?), but rather that it would take too much from the devs to be able to tell when a report is “true” or not.

On the other hand, one is too low IMO, depending on what is actually considered “abusive chat”.
I mean, “you say one curse word, you lose all your stuff” doesn’t seem like it would help out.

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Lol, “revive HotS?” Sound like the punchline to a joke.

I used to play this game religiously in like 2014-2016, but due to many scummy decisions by the devs as well as the toxicity of the community, I cut back my gametime massively. The reason there are so many smurfs, the reason the active player numbers are in the loo, the reason we are still having our Christmas event in May is all because Blizz doesn’t give a cuss about you, me, or the game.

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