Report for Cheating hack - DONT CLICK THE LINK

There seems to be a hack going around on HOTS that says "“enjoy ur report buddy LINK REMOVED BY BLIZZARD we caught u cheating” This link will disconnect you from Bnet and the hack will also steal your IP address. Maybe other things too. I didn’t click the link but a HOTS friend i was playing with informed me. I added periods in the https so i could link the hack.

that link redirects me to

Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know about this. In the future, please do not post any links provided to you by a suspicious third party as that will cause risk to other players. Though we do appreciate the alert for other players to notice.

Any phishing or hack attempts should be reported in-game by right-clicking the player’s name. If you are unable to use the right-click reporting feature for any reason please email the report to:

Thank you for understanding. Cheers!