Rename unranked to QM

It is. It forces losses by giving you ridiculous comps or AFKs and terribad players. Just check the match history of anyone, doesn’t matter who. You will see losing streaks of up to 10 matches easily. If you win too often, Blizz makes you lose. That’S broken.

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Forced losses is just nonsense excuses by people who lose too much because they get tilted or other things.

And most people aren’t very good, so they would rarely realize that the enemy has these terribad afk idiots too. So they feel that it’s only their own side that gets them, while both sides gets them.

Also, for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever had a lose streak higher than 5 losses. I’ve had plenty of 10+ winstreaks, though.


Show me the code and prove me wrong.

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This will be abused by last pick if the team isnt perfect. F - no.

That isnt how it works… but I understand you were probably born after 2000 so you have no idea how a lot of stuff works.

If you make a crazy claim, like forced losses are real – it is YOUR job to prove it is real, not our job to prove it is fake.


Show me the code and prove me wrong instead.


So wait, it is only you who is forced to lose? You would think that Blizzard would force one of them to win, if 50% is true…

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A blue actually debunked this “forced losses” nonsense a while back.

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It can go like in LOL, everybody has 30 seconds to ban a hero (so a total of 10 bans). Then you can pick.

Same can be done here, when you select a hero, you can also ban a hero.

I want to play exactly what I want. Especially when a hero is new or reworked, that system would make it virtually impossible.

No thanks.


Sorry what?

How can it be abused to the extent it will be broken? A random group of 5 join, one is AFK from the start and by that, the game has not registered any clicks in the game.

Also if the person is AFK, they will get leaver penalty anyways and what are the chances of a bunch of people “abusing it”. Only takes like what… 2 or 3 games to get leaver penalty.

Everything can be abused in this game:
reporting false actions
exiting a qm from the first 5 seconds
trolling in-game
in-game chat
teaming up with 2 x healers or 3 x tanks or whatever combo

Abuse can come in many forms, not just what benefits the player.

Ok, let me make it so simple for you. Yes, there are many forums of “abuse” but your idea will add a ultra-cancer-nuke-COVID-level of abuse.

Since whomever is last pick, can demand the group plays/picks/bans a certain way or on purpose not pick a hero just to get reset.

And I am sure you are one of the players who would do that nonsense.

Your idea is just bad. Sorry not sorry.

All your idea does is ADD to the problem of abuse. It solves nothing.

Lolol passive aggressive much?

Did you even read what you quoted?

Yeah you’re right, I will be the one that “abuses” it cause I sure do love queueing with other leavers and wait 1 hour for a qm game. Don’t tell anyone but that was sarcasm. Shhhhh

i’d like them to add single-lane maps to unranked.

Just get rid of unranked. Its pointless. You have the serious mode, ranked, and you have the unserious, qm.

Whats next a ranked quickmatch?

Unranked is fine for people who wants to go one step futher and play draft were you dont lose any ranks for it. Then when you are more experienced with draft you enter the real ranked mode and play with ranks.

So there is nothing pointless about unranked unless you dont play draft modes yourself.

w8, what’s wrong with mirror heroes?
They reduce queue times and there’s like no balance issues are there?. Just make sure your clone is the good one.

Pointless was the wrong word.

Maybe worthless or unjustified is better.

There is a point to ranked quickmatch. People that want to get ranked but not suffer the process of hero draft.

But is its inclusion worthwhile? Is ir worth dividing the player base over these nuanced preferences?

I dont think so. The difference between qm and unranked is too minor to justify a whole new mode.

If you want to have a draft, go for unranked or ranked. If you want a QUICK MATCH, play QM. It’s that simple really.

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Considering how low is UR’s pop they should just remove it and introduce in its place something like “Blind Draft” in a similar way as DotA and LoL.
QM is fine as it is and too many people like and play that exclusivly since it gives you the chance to pick whatever you want.