Rehgar's totem is like Tyrande's stun

Except it has 4 times the area.

Can you imagine Tyrande with a stun that wide?

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Rehgar’s Totem even with its full build is nothing like a Stun.
A Stun:

  • removes the ability to AA
  • or to cast Abilities
  • prevents the player from moving

Now Rehgar’s Totem don’t deny any of that, just limits them.


you are right… the totem is better than a stun. It lasts 5 times as long, is instant, reduces all dmg and move speed, it heals, has shorter CD, and can be repositioned…

Tyrande with a stun that wide would still not be nearly as OP.

Not nice of you to try to twist my words.

A Stun is better than Rehgar’s Totem. Why reduce dmg and mobility when you can nullify it?
Also why bring Talents into the equation when Stuns have Talents too?

You don’t need to make up lies or try to shoehorn reality to justify Totem-nerfs. Those will happen for certain.


how is it a lie that Rehgar’s totem does too much compared to similar abilities?

  • You’re not comparing Abilities against Abilities, you compare an Ability vs an Ability + a complete Build
    Saying that the latter is stronger (obviously, it has multiple Talents buffing it)
  • You ignore that Stuns “reduce to 0” while Reghar’s Totem (more like its multiple Talents) “reduce to X, while x =/= 0 and x > 1”

Hitting a Stun is stronger than placing Rehgar’s Totem on an enemy.


I wasn’t aware you could one-shot Tyrande’s stun with Amateur Opponent.


apples to orange, i swear idk what exactly the point of this thread

we get it, totem is op, and yes it is op but seriously what is even being proven with such a weirdly mashed comparison

and the irony about her stun is its considered one of high end better engages when it comes to other healers


Wouldn’t really compare to a stun, but with a root. After about 60%, a slow basically becomes a root (except you can still use dash/blink abilities).


One spell slows your hero but you can still defend yourself
The other spell stuns your hero and leave you unable to defend yourself.

You can’t compare stuns and slows to each other casue they work diffrently.

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Well, at least complaints now are about hypomobility rather than hypermobility. :slight_smile:


Stop breaking my head!

This thread is cute. Also, please increase the radius of Lunar Flare to the same as Earthbind Totem. This thread says it’s the same, it won’t break Tyrande I promise!


I have a better suggestion

Lvl 20
Deals dmg, reduces armor AND stuns every second in an area.


You dont hit 4 targets everytime you press E with Tyrande? Booo


Exactly. the idea is that comparative to other heler’s CC / utility, the totem does way too much.

Can compare it to malf’s root, Whitemane’s slow, Auriel’s push, etc… they are all garbage in comparison even with all added talents.

I know the totem will get nerfed eventually; I just like to point out how ridiculous it is because it’s already been almost 2 months.


this post evokes two emotions

Rehgar op

Apples are like oranges because they are both round fruit

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Oranges are better than apples because it’s more sour, acidic.

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but what if

sour orang

Personally, I would still rather face Rehgar’s totem than Stukov’s talented puddle of woe. The totem is annoying, the puddle will kill you. Mind you, I do think Rehgar needs a tap with the nerf bat because if your team is potato and doesn’t kill the totem, it will do too much, but I think Stukov’s E build is equally deserving of nerf bat hits.

If only more people understood they can just target the totem as soon as it is dropped, Rehgar’s win rate would likely lose a couple of points just from that. It’s as bad as watching people ignore Zagara creep.