Ranked is broken

You two should get a room.


I am sure you are making tons of money off that. I wish I was smart enough to pretend I was good at the game and charge people money when they are asking for facts and proof.

Lol right, he is so angry over nothing.

Look at the people trying to get Blizzard into making a flawed rating system, because their individual performance is in bronze.

The only variable currently affecting your rank is your individual performance.

You’re bad. Deal with it.


So you are telling me that trolls are not the problem ever in this game?

Or that if you play your role perfectly you can carry 4 people who are playing bad?

I think most of the problems with people saying that it’s impossible to climb out of bronze are actually individually skill and knowledge based.

Almost every thread making this claim is “I’m good but my teammates are bad/trolls/5 man enemy groups.”

Even most very inexperienced players will still follow pings and instructions in bronze if you are a confident leader and you’re making the right calls. If you are laning and soaking at the proper times, getting camps, avoiding badly conditioned fights (outnumbered/outleveled), and taking objectives correctly, you will win more than you lose. In bronze people tend to think you can never lose an objective, and will team wipe even over the payload on hanamura thats only worth like 1.5 towers. Learning when to give up an objective to take a camp or just push and soak instead is important. Watch some good players play, you will learn a lot. After watching league play and competitive for Ike a week and coming back, I won 11 of my last 13 and went from b3 to silver. It helps.


Hey I’m a support main too, you can carry seriously hard as support. There’s usually only one person on each team keeping people alive so if you do the job better your team simply never dies. Healer and tank are the only roles that rely solely on a singular person to do the job perfectly and as such are the most skill expressive in winrates. If someone dies I almost always feel it’s my fault because it absolutely is. Especially as a reliable support like Anduin you can be nice and consistant in every match, pull is great for dumb randos, and you can 1v1 a lot of characters and win. Great hyper aggressive healer. I’m serious about that, Gul’dans, every tank, any other healer, and to be honest most mages in general. I’ve 2v1 killed Johanna and Jaina as a solo Anduin. If you have light well you a plain unstoppable. A good root can be game changing too, I’d highly recommend.


That’s what I currently do, I wait til my buddies are online and focus on keeping them alive cause I know how good they are, randoms often without considering if your ult is up, how much mana you have and so on,

Ya that’s why I regularly ping my mana and cooldowns if anything is down before a fight. Makes a big difference keeping everyone regularly aware. Ping before ulting as well. Doesn’t work as well for Alextraza’s health concerns though so I only play her grouped. No one seems to quite understand how she works.

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Oh i do as well but cant do much when players ignore the pings ya know and I love alex as a healer. If she is not focused her heals are insane but mostly for me I just play lucio.

Couldn’t climb higher than gold 4 in previous season. This season however, made it to plat 3 and still at 59% win rate and climbing. Win rate dropped by like 1% going from gold 5 to plat 3, so I’m sure I’ll make it into mid diamond at the least, and probably higher.

Here is some info on how the matchmaking/ranking system works and what worked for me personally. Also some advice on how to work with/around the enormous flaws of the ranking/matchmaking system.

Quick backstory - I probably don’t belong in GM ranks, but definitely
low/mid diamond (diamond 4-3) at the least, based on the performance of other players I play with/against. Played my placement matches this season. Had very good games, successfully carried 2/3 games. 1 loss with an uncarriable team and 2 wins. Long story short, got placed in like bronze 2 (which again proves the ranking system to be incredibly flawed).

Now, the crucial part of success for me in climbing ranks - I made it all about myself.

  1. All of the ‘play a support/tank role’ advice you’re getting = pure trash, as it only works in a premade of 5 where you are 100% sure you won’t have noobs on the team.

Always take Valeera instead. She worked wonders for me. Never played her before this season. She’s off meta, yet a very strong duelist and can 1v1 the majority of heroes (including tanks, should such a situation present itself) which are often picked in ranked draft. Also she’s decent at camps and all around a great hero as her wide array of talents allow her to adapt to majority of team comps. In short, if you want to climb - carry yourself. Others won’t/can’t do it for you either cuz they’re bad or just not good enough to win vs the enemy.

  1. In Draft, always prepick Valeera. Never pick her first however, as enemy team will tend to counter her with a very beefy team or 2 healers. Wait to pick 4th or last. As she’s played extremely rarely (I’ve only seen like 2 other Valeeras in ranked this season) this gives 2 advantages - a) your team constantly has gank threat and great roam. Enemies never know where you’ll pop up b) your team has a stun+blind/silence/armor reduction, all of which can be game changers if used correctly.

  2. Always go for Valeera. As you should be doing all of the carrying, if you are handing out bans, make sure to ban characters that counter Valeera easily, for example Lunara as she’s very hard to lock down, has high damage, a ward that reveals stealth and will over all smash you if she’s half decent. Also a good greymane can be a pain in the butt, johanna and so on. So make sure you’re giving YOURSELF maximum advantage in the game.

  3. When roaming from lane to lane, don’t forget to soak the XP while you’re on the lane. Even if your gank was not successful, you will at least soak some valuable XP, before heading off to the next lane/camp/gank or even attempting to gank the same lane again if the enemy player thinks you have left and overextends (this happens more often than you’d think)

  4. Camps. DO NOT do camps randomly. Camps should almost universally be done just before an objective starts. The exception is if you have huge lane pressure and need to releave some of that pressure from your lanes OR if you can manage to steal/take an enemy camp.

  5. Assume all of your team mates are bad. As with anybody, who has a high win rate, which deviates too far from the enforced 50/50 system, the majority of your teammates (for me it was about 75%-80ish%) will tend to have a negative win rate, which means that they are losing ranks and don’t belong at the current tier. In other words, be prepared to be teamed up with teammates, the majority of whom are dropping ranks (not climbing). You won’t believe the amount of times I asked myself “why is this guy with a negative win rate of 40%, 2 ranks above me? How did he even end up in gold 1 if his win rate dictates he should be in the depths of bronze?”. Answer is simply - flawed ranking system.

  6. STAY ON VALEERA. You will constantly be asked to repick/not take valeera etc. Don’t listen to this advice (as most people on your team are negative win rate, you can understand why you shouldn’t take their advice). Most people play her incorrectly and/or do not see her in ranked, so they assume that everyone else is bad with this hero/the hero is weak. While she is not meta, as mentioned above, she actually has a very high skill ceiling and is a very strong hero. I currently have a 62% win rate on Valeera in plat 3 and I’ve got close to 300 ranked games with her this season. So, she’s obviously not that bad of a hero.

  7. After finishing a ranked game, DO NOT start another game immediately. Why? Well, if you start a game immediately, you will most likely be paired up with the worst players from the game you just played, as you will tend to have a very high win rate (this was the case for me, at least). This is done by the matchmaking system intentionally, to "even out’ the playing field. Pair somebody good with somebody bad and boom - you get an average score. This is the main role of the matchmaking system - an even average team score. However the way of achieving this is fundamentally flawed. As this is a team game, 5 average players will almost universally outplay a team of 1 -2 decent players and 3-4 baddies.

  8. Don’t focus on stats. Focus on being USEFUL. Soak lanes, gank, do camps, be annoying to the enemy team. Switch up your approach to teamfights. Try to down the healer when possible. After awhile though, enemies will start to expect you in ther backline. When this happens switch it up. Pop up on their tank/bruiser/assasin for an unexpected kill. Keep the enemy team wondering where you will attack from.

  9. Always go Cloak of shadows. This ult has a low cooldown, provides crazy survivability and allows you to avoid/bait important stuns/cc from enemies, while also providing damage reduction when dealing with strong mages.

  10. Bronze, Silve and Gold 5-2 are all virtually the same. I noticed virtually no difference in the skills of players while going from bronze to Gold 2. In fact, up until like plat 4, a few of the best teams I had were in low low silver (Silver 5-4ish). At Gold 2 I remember that I had started to notice that atleast enemy teams were getting better at some aspects, for example they didn’t randomly do camps just because, but started timing them. Nothing super major, but still noticeable.

  11. IF you do decide to play healer for a particular game, take morales/lili. At low ranks, and even in platinum where I’m at right now, many people do not know how to deal with these 2 healers. Morales does not have mana, and provides great damage reduction via armor and a reliable constant heal. This means that you’ll mange to outheal the enemy healer most fights, and enemy will generally not be coordinated enough to take you out successfully without wiping. As for Lili, she provides an annoying blind and also has good consistent healing. Also her passive makes her hard to lock down, which is why most enemies will tend to struggle with taking her out. Generally you should be sticking to valeera almost 100% of the time, though. However, if you played with a good zul jin/Valla/Varian for example, and they end up on your team next game, you could opt out to take morales and just pocket heal them to a great win. In such cases however, make sure to focus heal on this player and always prioritize them over another players who is worse. In other words, be very logical in such games. If somebody is bad - heal them last as they will be the least useful.

  12. Don’t spend too much time in clusterf#ck fights if you are not able to kill someone. This is a waste of time and XP. Go to another lane a soak/push, or take a camp if necessary.

  13. AVOID RANKED ON WEEKENDS. NEVER go ranked on weekends. On Friday, after school/work is over, kids and the ‘2 games per week’ players will log into the game, and you’ll get the worst of the worst, given that your win rate is currently high. You’ll de-rank faster than you can close the game. Avoid playing Friday from mid day to Monday if you don’t want to drop 2 ranks in within several games.

Anyways, this is what seems to have worked the best for me so far and what has helped me personally overcome some of the disadvantages of a flawed matchmaking system. Will update if I can think of anything else that has worked succesfully for me and my approach to climbing

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So, i’m a bronze 5 rank. I started ranked this season just for the heck of it, i usually play unranked draft and QM but i figured i’d try.

I got placed in silver 4 and started playing from there. Granted when i started there was alot i still didn’t understand about the game and was struggling to find heroes to be comfortable with. I dropped down to bronze 3 but i started to understand a bit more about how the game is played. I took time to watch some good streamers and some informational videos on the subject and i started to win a little.

Now, i dunno if this is just bad luck but i’d say down in bronze league we get alot of people who aren’t willing to work together. The problems start in draft and i’ve decided that instead of picking a lane pusher to try and get camps on time and keep lanes pushed i have to fill because half the time people refuse to tank in bronze or heal. People first pick Sgt hammer and when you ask why you are immediately told ‘i do what i want’.

Now granted i could adopt the same mentality, just play rag or sonya every map and focus on lane clearning while the team tries to team fight, turn off team chat and maybe show up to an obj every now and then but having a tilted team who just gg’s right after the first objective isn’t going to help you when you are trying to push your lanes. I can’t count how many times this happens in bronze.

I think alot of this comes from people refusing to do tank/healer roles in liu of damage dealer. It’s the same thing overwatch suffered from untill they had enforced role queue. Which i think should be implimented in this game, not just showing what your preferred roles are and then add incentives like extra gold or what not to play short roles.

That’s just how i think we could have more games with people getting into the roles they’d like to be in.

Dude, read my reply right above yours. If you want to climb, forget about filling and listening to your team, especially in draft (and especially at low ranks). Take a strong duelist (valeera is the ideal choice) and just do your thing. If your teammates don’t fill and don’t want to work as a team, then you will never be able to climb if playing a healer/tank. Taking a support role (tank/healer) means that you are now relying on someone else to play the carry roles and carry you. So basically, the tilting/unskilled/inexperienced or just plain bad teammates are gonna be the deciding factor in whether you lose/win a game whenever you are playing tank/healer.

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Truth in what player says, I am a support main and I can not solo que cause you are at the mercy of the team mates you are matched with and dps in this game are mostly bad and or trolls.

Find a dps you are comfortable and skillful with and pick it and do not change your pick for your team. I am working on a few dps myself so I can try to solo que again and see if I can climb that way when my buddies are not online.

I’ve always had the opposite. There’s multiple dps on each team nearly always, having one good dps doesn’t mean much with bad engagement and especially bad healing. Even the dumbest idiot can accomplish something if they can’t die though. Gotta pick independent tanks like dibby as well that handle their own healing and can carry a fight with a 30% bonus spell power lightning breath. Solo climbing as either is no problem, especially as you can duel most characters as Anduin or Dibby effectively.

You need to pick powerhouses that can also act independently for whatever role you play in solo que. A lot of characters need some coordination and unfortunately that’s most healer and tank picks but definitely not all of them. Dps that need protection would also be a had choice for solo as you can’t garentee getting any help no matter the role you pick so as long as you keep that in mind while drafting you should be fine. Also keep it in mind for builds, don’t do something stupid like Q build diablo cause no one’s gonna follow up on your armor reduction in solo que. Always assume there is no one competent on your team and be ready for the eternal 1v9.

Ive won a game in ranked 4v5. Actually 4v5 would of been better since our 5th said "im pro top laner in lol and picked stitches and stayed top lane all game. Died 16 times in that game. Thankfully the 4 of us were on point and stomped them in team fights 4v5 while our random sat top lane smacking minions around all game.

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That just enforces how bad the system is and how poorly matched players are, when 4 people can win vs 5 that is not a balanced skill match at all.
As a side note if he was soaking that means he was contributing to exp sharing which actually may be the reason you guys won level advantage is huge in this game.

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I can confirm that win streaks, as Blizzard suggests in the link below, has no effect on the amount of points you earn per win.


This is utter nonsense. Here are my wins and the points i received after each win. I started on Bronze 5 with 142 points. Yes, absolute rock bottom.
Won +5 = 147
Won +13 = 160
Won +14 = 174
Won +16 = 190
After this win, I joined up with a 5-man party. All bronze, 1 guy gold 3.
Won +15 = 205
Won +15 = 220
Lost -16 = 204
Won +14 = 218

Blizzard, please explain this to me. How, with a 6-game win streak does the points no increase in amount? If the system has determined that I belong in Bronze 5 and aims to keep me there, then how does the system determine that I belong in Bronze 5?
Please, Blizzard, please explain this to me.

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You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
Let me guess, you aren’t allocated to bronze 5, are you?
Go play that tier for a month mate. You’ll see what it’s like and why the majority of players don’t belong there. Trolls, bad drafts and ZERO team play. There are people who actually do the right thing at the right time and wins consecutively, however they aren’t allowed out of Bronze 5.
This is total BS Blizzard. Fix your system. Its broken.

You wasting your time arguing with that one, he lies about his rank and tries to sell his opinion. Some people just can not see when something is broken.

Force 50% winrate is a myth debunked by Blizzard:

A change in ranking system to use personal performance being no good because of “stat padding” is also a myth debunked by Blizzard: