Rank question... Am I missing something?

I’m writing to you tonight because I am concerned about my rank within Heroes of the Storm. To break it down, I have lifetime statistics of 4,228 games played, 48.2% win rate, 3.1 KDA and 59,978 takedowns. I end up with BRONZE 5 This season?? My wife has 5,686 games played, 50.3% win rate, 3.3 KDA and 75,662 total takedowns and ranked GOLD 4.I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why am I seemingly being punished rank-wise when my stats are almost identical to others I play with? Is there an algorithm I’m missing out on here?

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I have a wild guess that if you spend a dollar on this game they will cause you to lose your rank. At some point you will create a new account and spend more money. You will rank low gold and the process repeats.

Again wild guess, but the data could expose certain behaviors for corporate gain.

You’ve won 2037 of 4228 games, Wife’s won 2860 of 5686. KDA is a weird number because role (and specific heroes) tend to have vastly different KDA norms… Beyond your role preferences, I’d be willing to bet your wife sticks to a more strict subset of heroes (Say, 10 or so) when you’re playing more. Personally, I’ve seen problems with when I play as well… I’ll win like mad on my days off when I can play prime time but when I log in for games after work (say, 2AM) I can’t win to save my life.