Rank Decay for Top level players

Just got steamrolled by a team with 2 GMs on it, In low diamond. They themselves are technically diamond but were GM last season and both have 80%+ winrates for this season. I ran through every other player in the match and at no point had anyone else been a master.

Did blizzard follow through and make MMR the actual rank? GMs just lose MMR when they don’t play? It is super frustrating getting crushed like that.

Can you please for the love of god just be transparent with matchmaking Bliz? Please. Your community has been asking for it for years and still you have not delivered on this request.

I have never seen a company where transparency is somehow something a company is afraid of. This is not that big of an ask.


Even if they do that, they are just gonna go make smurfs cause lvl 50 is way too low for a player to be allowed into ranked.

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Well there’s nothing hidden about rank decay. -200 points per day after it starts. So assuming low GM is 6k points, it would take only 30 days to decay to diamond and only 25 days more to decay to the minimum plat1.
If some1 plays only start of the season then he most likely would start every new season in plat1.

Is it too much decay? Yes, most definitely. You don’t lose full league worth of “skill” in just 1 month of inactivity.

What a few people are doing is they are waiting til the last 2 weeks or so of the season to get ranked cause they can not have decay if they do not have a rank. Then they get their rank and of course can just wait it out so they start the same rank next season.

I don’t think that’s true. I think mmr decays regardless if you’re ranked or not. Of course, it still won’t decay below plat1 mmr.
I think I’ve seen that said along those lines the last time decay was changed, but that was quite a while ago and I don’t rly remember.
I’ve never been away long enough myself before starting a new season (although I have lost a bunch of ranks to decay during the seasons) to have any personal experience (and my smurfs are not diamond).

Tell me how come I have seen players who have not played for anywhere between 6 months and 2 years in ranked (yes i check the profiles of everyone I play with, everyone) and they are being matched or are in mid to lower diamond?

Best example is I just got matched with a player who has not played in 6 months, i checked his profile and he was not master or higher and I am currently Diamond 1.

Rank decay does not exist if you have no rank.