Probius Rework Operation 1

Using starcraft as a basis, probius should be a more focus specialist builder rather than a spell damage ranged assassin, since I think he should be able to build things that grant shields [shield batteries], turrets, stronger and infinite pylon placements, offensive and defensive units, upgrading forts and core, and other such things. Maybe give him a collusses or mothership to build could be cool, or immortals, or stalkers. Build units/buildings based more, collecting resources like xp or minerals or gold or gas. May comment more to expand.

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Already has such talent.


His pylons are already infinite.

He is a Probe, not a Gateway.

This is just too much for a Probe.

Wut :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


in probius’s debut he warped in a large number of zealots on aiur thats literally all we saw from him in starcraft.

It wasn’t him, mate. It was the pylon he warped in.

They last forever. Or did you meant Invulnerable?

I think he meant there shouldnt be a limit on the maximum number

Oh ok, so new fixes: never ending cannons (meaning last forever when placed), infinite number of placed pylons (meaning no maximum limit for how many pylons), probius can repair himself by gathering minerals and being near a pylon. Probius can produce buildings that summon minions. Probius can upgrade turrets and core. probius can summon a giant pylon as an ultimate and control the giant pylon like a long range turret while inside.

I believe you don’t need this, the character is a golden key in the game, just have your finger and accelerate to play with him, just like abathur map visualization is everything