Playing now feels pointless


Since developers jumped out of the game, why should me as a player keep playing with my friends in here? it feels empty


I mean… I play this game because I enjoy it, not because others play it. If you don’t enjoy the game, don’t play it.


i also have this feeling, yes the game is still there + enjoyable, but it’s just saddening to know the game has been abandoned by many of its devs


It is just feels like you got friendzone but this time by your favorite videogame


It only takes one to keep me playing this game, and that’s Mei. I’ve outlasted all these so-called hardcore players and I don’t even have my fav hero in here yet!


If you want to be technical, playing games are indeed pointless.


Play because it’s fun. If it’s not fun then stop. That’s my plan anyway.

You know what, I don’t really care who the next hero is but I hope it is Mei just because you have been so darn persistent.


if you stop playing now you wont be able to play as the raven lords cousins uncles fathers room mate when the next hero comes out.


I don’t think they chose to abandon it. I think they got told they had a week to say goodbye and then they were expected to be ready for their next assignment.


The developers did not abandoned.

Some may have wanted to transfer to other/new projects, but reassignment was probably not their choice bar those few.

The company developing and publishing the game, Activision-Blizzard, did decide to downsize the staff.

I still maintain a “wait and see” approach for development future.

For the way they completely screwed HGC players/staff/etc… rip on Activsion-Blizzard for that.


My friends list is still active, and I still have fun playing with them. As far as what the future holds, all we can do at this point is wait and see.


Just because people aren’t getting twitchtube bux doesn’t mean the game is getting shut down tomorrow.


People continue to play Diablo 2 regularly even though the developers for it (Blizzard North) “jumped out” a very long time ago. Keep playing HotS if you are still having fun with it, but find another game you enjoy more if you’re not.


This is so weird to me, why should it matter who it is that’s developing a game, if it’s able to grant you the same amount of fun?

Do you care who is cooking your pizza when you order from a pizza place???


I play games because I enjoy them. “Fun” is the reward. I can understand that pro players do it as a full time job, but the avarage player why should bother?

When you stop having fun, stop playing and find something else to do.


After announcing they have abandonned the game and put it in maintenance mode, they just should shut down hots servers. And go fowards.


I’m very curious what “the point” would have been before then. Please explain.


Sheesh, some people throw in the towel far too easily. People would be even more furious if Blizzard just shut down HotS when D2 and SC1 are still actively supported after all of these years.

Even if there are few new heroes or rare updates at best, I’ll keep playing HotS on and off for the foreseeable future. There are still lots of heroes I’ve never played, much less become decent at, and it would take several years for me to acquire all of the collectibles.


People tend to forget that DotA thrived for years despite having, well. Maybe 6 heroes a year, and optimistically just as many items added.

Didn’t hear anyone crying about lack of new stuff in that case…

Maybe that is because it was known it was just Icefrog and friends/etc. working on the game.

But, even today the new content added to DotA (based on a quick skim of their patch notes) is less than Heroes has received.

A quick look at League of Legends… Same story recently.

HotS has been receiving more additional content (which, in part, is due to having to catch up! (I would argue now that the Hero pool is large enough that the difference in absolute numbers between games isn’t a big deal)).

Hell, LoL got a 3 new Champions this year. Dead game? No.

IT IS NOT GOOD. It is NOT good, that we’re going to be getting less new Heroes, and presumably fewer battlegrounds. Well, we’re fine on battlegrounds I think. I don’t see a huge issue with not getting as many. But more heroes are always welcome.

I personally believe (perhaps falsely) that balance update frequency will not change, so I don’t see the issue as being “devastating”. It’s not good, it’s bad. But it really isn’t terrible. (Now, the terrible treatment of people involved with HGC… that was terrible. Please, keep on blasting Activision-Blizzard for that. Could have at least said “we’ll give teams salaries for the first 3 months of the year” given how abrupt the knifing of HGC was. or something like that. To help them move on to new jobs/work.)

The game will likely still get about as much content as the larger DotA2 and LoL… except that it needs something to give it an “edge” over them. IMO.


Why shouldn’t you? The game is there and is fun to play. What more do you need?