Playing now feels pointless


Because it’s fun?

Why do you have to be such a drama queen?

  1. The game still has a pack of devs. It’s not like everyone just gone.
  2. Did you play the game because it had new Heroes which you don’t care about, or because you liked certain Heroes or the game itself? Because why abandon a fun game if you can play as Heroes you like only because it’ll add new stuff somewhat in a slower rate?


I agree with you in general but this is really not the best exemple ^^ D2 has become a bot / online shop paradise without almost no updates for 15 years. Best way to enjoy D2 now is to play on some free private mods like Path of Diablo or D2 resurgence that are basicly version of D2 if Blizzard kept carring about it and updating it. Sorry I’m a D2 fanboy lol


I don’t know but I read a lot of D2 fans “claimed” that they still playing D2 in Diablo reddit just to spit on D3.


yes. what if it is some deviant with a pizza fetish? i dont want them touching my pizza! its my pizza! only i can touch it. i dont want to share my pizza with anyone else.


Here is the thing, HOTS has major problems, and dev team being turned into skeleton crew means it’s very unlikely that they get fixed.

Not to mention, this will only increase the rate at which game is bleeding players, meaning that even if they somehow managed to fix matchmaking, there wouldn’t be enough players for it to work properly.

Heck, if i want to play a game, i have to sit up to 15 minutes in queue, most of it in expanded queue, and when i finally get a game, one team just steamrolls the other.


Diablo2 generates absolutely 0 revenue and yet it’s still supported. Last update was just 2 years ago - over 15 years after game’s release.
Btw, the update was:
“Implemented Blizzard Error and System Survey to better troubleshoot crashes and assertions”
Which pretty much says: we want to make sure this game will continue to be able to run on any new computer or system. Blizzard simply does not stop to support their games. Ever.
Not to mention that Hots is not even like D2, it actually generates revenue.


What changed?..


Dude, they didn’t abandon anything. Their bosses told them to work on other projects. It’s not like they can say no. (Well, unless they decide to quit their job.)


The only people its pointless and empty for is the pro teams that played in HGC for real big cash as part of their career. The rest of us play because we like the game, if you were striving to be pro you missed the boat for now.

There are amature tournaments with a much small prize pool that are pretty much open to any level. Join one, promote it, get friends playing, blast your discord or twitter channel with it.

If i can find 5 plat/gold friends that want to join one of these, it would be fun i think.


“Do you care who is cooking your pizza when you order from a pizza place???”

No, but it does make a difference if the pizza place had a staff of 10 and cut it down to 2.


You know, back in the day the only additional content you got was maybe one or two expansions (if at all), that came out in quite some time in between and had to be bought seperately in a store (unless you got a box with all in way later on), and thats it essentially.

Interestingly people played the good ones even years or some decades after that, … odd, is´nt it? Maybe because they just enjoy playing those games.


Do you care who is cooking your pizza when you order from a pizza place???

Yes I do care for who is making my Pizza, I want it be as professional as poesibel, els I could go to the street corner to get a skunky pizza I knew nothing about. I expect the same thing for the dev team, I expect them to know what is the best way to make the code good. What could this code make of problems for the other codes in the game, is it good eough or should I make it diffrent. Thoes sort of thing I expect.
I dont care if the person is a he/ she or whatever, if it gets job done in good way it’s always good. It’s good to expect something from someone casue then they now what you expect from them, therefor they have plans for what to do for they day els, they could just fire a 11 year old sitting in the cornor and licinkg a lolipop.
There are always expectation at that is they you sometimes fell betrayed or not listen to. Maybe your personal expectation was way to big for the other guy.


I mean… The dev’s aren’t all gone. The staff got reduced, but there are still core lead developers that are still part of the staff, it just means updates will come out a little slower than b4. Doesn’t mean the game is dead or that the game is over. It just means that the updates will come a bit slower.


Blizzard made a change, let’s all panic with our own assumptions instead of waiting to see what they will actually do!


Um guys the game is dead. The press release was just a polite way of saying we are pulling the plug in the near future. I dont expect the game to be playable by this time next year.





Sorry but you are 100% wrong.
They are still making money out of D2 via selling CD keys : aka online version of the game.
The last “update” as you say : wasnt a gameplay update but a compatibility one so they can keep selling more CD keys for advanced computers lol.
So the only update they did was to make sure they can keep selling the game.