People constantly leave when they see 10 same hero aram

The community has spoken. We hate it. Please Blizzard remove the 10 same hero aram ,its not good, its not fun to have 2 people instantly ragequit whnever tehy see it.
I just had a 10 zagara game , I thought it could be fun, but no, 3 people just stood afk flaming each other racist & homophobic slurs.
WHoever decided this was ok in last patch clearly needs to be fired. If this has a 0.05% chance of happening, then yes, I agree, but it’s happening too much. Yesterday it happened 4 times to me and I only played like 15 arams. Please remove!

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Can’t blame them, game mode sucks. It’s the only griefer I can’t feel bad about.

this not about 10same hero this is about ARAM and AFK players in it becouse have penalization…

I certainly would too. It is not a fun game mode to begin with and that just makes it even worse.

10 Man mirrors with no extra rules are just boring as hell.