Out Ranking Friend (what gives?)

My friend and I both placed in our qualifiers I was bronze 3, he was bronze 5 - we’ve played 8 games in total, 6 wins.

I am now silver 5 and he is still BRONZE 5, we have only played together and his stats on average have been on par with mine.

What gives???

If you have never played ranked before, it ranks you based on your quickmatch win rate. Its pretty dumb

The way I understand it, there’s kind of a “hidden league” below bronze 5. You gain far less points in bronze 5 than in bronze 3, so he will take far longer to climb out

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You get placed with people around his rank, and you get 180-200 points where as he gets anywhere from 4-20 points or 100 points (depending on where they are in bronze). It just the way that bronze 5 works when you get low.

It’s not like rank matters anyway. There are some bronze players better than most GMs.

There are like 15 bronze ranks inside bronze 5. The closer you get to 0 pts, the fewer points to won/lost. By the time you are at 0 pts you are like bronze 15 and it will take you forever to climb out few points to at a time

pretty much you are getting 200 points per win and your friend is getting anywhere from 25 to 75 points per win. he will never get out depending how low his points are, you need 1k points to get out… if you are getting 25 points per win, do the math… any loss will counteract and increase the amount of wins needed.
So, solution? Make a new account and do better in QM, or… leave the game like everyone else has because it’s garbage just like the company that runs it.

Assumed mmr is something it will aim towards. Your buddy likely has the lowest of the low mmr and gets nothing for wins. Its a bit stupid.

And being new you get qm mmr as someone said. Most games give you around 200 points per win. Your bronze5 buddy might get 20 and never proggress