ooxoPooHoxo intentionally dying for de rank

Is what the topic name says- Responded in rank “need to go back down”. Two games, I’m forced to AFK out to not waste my time with him AGAIN. Reported by at least 8 players. Still in the game. What is your rank system and report system for if this trash exists?

O and then because I WANT to play your game, I have to quick match a 30 min win to play rank again. What the hell is this.

Naming and shaming accounts is against the forum ToU last time I checked. Might want to remove the name.

A player needs to accumulate a lot of reports for them to be punished. This is necessary because people report other people incorrectly a lot. If punishment was immediately taken then most players would end up punished incorrectly because a situation like a 4 stack of friends you get matched with decide to report you for intentionally dying because it is funny to them even if you did not intentionally die. Every player I know encounters this regularly in pvp modes, and in the few times I pvped I also encountered this.

AFKing those games is also not a good idea since you can and likely will be reported for being AFK. This could lead to you also getting action taken against you as well as that other person.

To avoid being re-matched with such a person, I recommend waiting 5 minutes after the match ends so that they end up in a different game from you.

You left a ranked game so were put into leaver queue? This is needed to prevent people from ruining matches by quitting as soon as they think the game is unwinnable.