Next Hero after Imperius?


Admittedly, I’d rather Liadrin than Tirion 'cause she will be the third paladin hero


So was Tirion. In fact so were most important characters in WoW.


We need to have at least 5 diablo angles and demons, we also need grom hellscream, deathwing, blood god hakkar, houndmaster hakkar, cairine blood hoof, vol’jin, malcom manastorm, wc3 peasant/builder, an old god, and d2 dark wanderer.


A simple peasant would be fair game, so no.


I would love to see another Death Knight like Darian Mograin. There are so many DK abilites this game neglects to use. I would love to see it work similar to Jaina but instead of a slow he would apply a disease and all targets effected by it would take increased damage from Obliterate and his basic attacks. Maybe his trait would be to spread the disease to all targets within a certain radius of the target hero with the disease (pestilence). I would love to see Chains of Ice or Death Grip, maybe even Strangulate, or Death and Decay. I would also love to see his skins be the DK set pieces from Wrath. I would love dual wield with some blades from ICC but if he is 2 handed i would love corrupted ashbringer or Shadowmourne. Possibly add a Tirion Fordring skin if the base skin uses corrupted ashbringer.


Looks like it’s going to be Anduin.


Why did they give him a sword?

Why would a priest use a sword?

Why would you ever let a priest use a sword?


It’s a fantasy world with demons and cthulus and angels who are literally just glowing rocks that float in a specific pattern, and you have trouble believing the part where a priest is given a sword?


When being physically too weak to swing a sword properly has been a major point in that priest’s development since they started being an actual character? Yes.


Then your issue should be with Anduin specifically wielding the sword, not just some priest.

And hey, maybe he’s all grown up and become a big boy now?

Also, magic.


I’m kind of hoping it’s not Anduin just yet. Starcraft and Overwatch should get their turn before another Warcraft character.

Not to mention the last non demon Warcraft character was from the Alliance. Give us a Horde character at the very least. (Grom Hellscream or Cairne Bloodhoof please).


Mekkatorque would be nice, last of the speculative alpha ones to go. And with his current status in WoW, seems the perfect time to bring him in.

For Diablo… I mean, we just had a Diablo character, but… Druid? That’d be nice.

Starcraft: Don’t think I know these well enough.

Overwatch: Don’t know these well enough either.


Sombra acceptable, mei isnt balanced in overwatch, so we dont need her here unbalanced as well. So its better that she doesnt get released, because every noob is going to play her here.


It should be reaper, or some kind of other heroes use shadows. Because we dont have any hero use shadows in this game.


I think they’re going to wait until Immortal releases and give us the big bad of that game. Whose name I forget.


I pretty sure the big bad of immortal will be [dramtic drumroll]


Well yeah, you’re probably right and that will be an end-game “reveal” lol.

But I think Phlynch was referring to “Skarn”


Well it does say on Diablo immortal website that Skarn wants to resurrect Diablo
so maybe mid or early game reveal.


I’d really like to see a Science vessel from Starcraft. Have it be a specialist type hero or a specialist/support hybrid.

Naturally, It would have some/most of the same abilities it does in Starcraft, such as:

-Defense Matrix
-It was a detector in Starcraft (detects stealth units) so perhaps it could passively do this or be a on use ability with a 15-30 second cooldown (or whatever would be appropriate)
-EMP shockwave: potential heroic ability.


Gabriel Tosh pls :smiley: