Next Hero after Imperius?

Where?? Picture!!! NOW!!!

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For novelty’s sake, they should have B.O.B. be a hero and Ashe be the summoned ulti(s).

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The leak came out some time ago, and Blizzard made an official statement saying that the character “people are talking about” is still several releases off, and that there are other character releases scheduled before them.

Anduin was basically confirmed to be on his way, but he isn’t coming next.

Link to the official statement: Heroes of the Storm Update - Feb 08, 2019

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I would sell my soul to blizzard if they brought Mannoroth into the nexus. I want to play him now x.x


I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.
Very interesting choice of words :thinking:

Grom + Mannoroth pls :sob:


Besides Mal’Ganis we really haven’t gotten much from the Burning Legion yet, so that’s definitely an idea.

I’d gladly have Azshara in here, but being an octopus monster makes her difficult to have on land.

No we NEED another Warcraft hero /s

I would love an OW hero like Moira, but I am good with any SC and/or Diablo hero

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Moira support hero is fine i like her but from SC universe im still hard stuck on Tosh to be added my dream come true Assassin hero also here is a good suggestion for another diablo character Leah from Diablo 3 mage hero uses Horadric powers + Diablo inherited powers to fight and her kit to be similar to Jainas but not the same in a way.

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I made a CC post for him

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Warcraft: Vol’jin, the one true warchief.
Overwatch: Mei.
Starcraft: Adjutant.
If another Diablo: Baal.

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Just because a skin of them exists on a different character does not rule them out as coming to the Nexus… Although I doubt it helps.

Or maybe it is just that getting all the lines recorded for the announcer to be viable outside of the single map isn’t doable with a wave of the hand?

Regularly, no.
But in response to your question… yes. Absolutely. It is not believable!

interesting, except… leaks started to happen long before your post, and before your post we kinda got this…

Cannot say much about much except Starcraft… But I think there are better choices than Adjutant… But, maybe I’m just imagining a very different Adjutant than you are!

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The Illiarian announcer was bundled with Imperius while the Beleth announcer was bundled with Mephisto. If and when Blizzard releases a Katya Volskaya announcer, they’ll probably bundle it with a themed release. The only themed release that makes sense is Sombra.

I might be remembering wrong, but didn’t the Athena announcer come in the Orphea patch? Those two characters aren’t related AFAIK :stuck_out_tongue:

IIRC Athena wasn’t with any hero in particular, but rather from an in-between patch to give another bit of gold spending. I thought it was older than Blizzcon. I might be misremembering, though. The Orphea patch did however fill every missing gap, except, suspiciously, for Illarian and Katya Volskaya. With Illarian coming with the next hero, signs point thataways.

Yay more stealth heroes who aren’t actually stealthy!

I hope he’ll be a warrior, but with moves mixed with paladin and priest combined, like Divine Slash, Righteous Charge, and even Divine Blast.

I’d like to see moira as an assassin/healer multi-class hero. Would add another support, another mutliclass, and an overwatch hero. I’d prefer a tank/support multiclass but that seems like it would end a bit too op (healer you cant focus down)


Baal, Lazerus, Grom, Tosh, anduin, velen
would be fantastic.


For everybody who says Katya volskaya has connection with sombra, dont forget she is a prime contractor for Zarya also. So this connection don’t mean anything about sombra joining hots.

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