New Hero: Rohana from Starcraft (Ranged Support)

Trait: Glaive, Low HP character with Shield. Talent improves range of Glaive, Rate of Fire, and Reveals targets or Slows targets. Bounce.
Ultimate 1: Mothership Purifier Beam - Single vectored AOE (Scorching Laser of Triglav Protector) and Stealth. 90 Cooldown. Talent 20 grants longer/faster attack.
Ultimate 2: Mothership Recall - Group Teleport from point to point. 30 Cooldown. Talent 20 grants shield at target location.
Q) Shade: Short range teleport - Talents to reduce cooldown, add damage to Glaive (auto attack) after teleport, and make it unstoppable.
W) Shield Ally: Grants AOE shields - Talents increase strength/range of shields then add heal over time or AOE DOT
E) Feedback: Single target mana/energy burn doing 25% damage - Talents increase ratio of HP damage, reduce cooldown, and return HP/Mana on use, Stun/Silence. Think an “inverse” healing fountain, mana/energy isn’t entirely destroyed. The amount that’s burned off (causes actual HP loss) is lost, but remainder is made inaccessible unless Cleansed.

Potential Voice Lines/Taunts:
I am one with the Khala!
I am not corrupted.
For the Daelaam!
Glory to the Daelaam!
Na jakar me’nah.
Faith before fear.
I will serve my purpose!
I am prepared for the Firstborn’s darkest hour.
You are so arrogant…
Face the might of the Firstborn!

Seems neat. I’m mainly into the E though, I really want something to burn mana so I can ruin people’s ability to spam abilities.

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Yeah, I was thinking that there really isn’t anything like this in the game currently. It’d take some tweaking to make it “balanced”, but it’s a new mechanic.

Rohana would be a ranged healer BTW.

The Protoss have no direct healers of any kind. I think she could talent into healing, but to make her a healer by default would not fit the Protoss at all.

Friend I liked the idea continue with brilliant ideas because starcraft content is wonderful as other blizzard games in heroes of storm would be phenomenal congratulations

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Replace lost hp with shield that be sick or some shield drone

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