New Hero - Prophet Velen

This is a make of Prophet Velen. I did not make every talent tree, but I feel confident that this gives a good feel for the character regardless. If you have any input on talents or more, I encourage you to suggest them. If you like the build presented, please leave a like. Show your support for Heroes of the Storm.

Prophet Velen
Appearances - Prophet Velen’s basic skins include his normal appearance with varying colors of robes such as Blue, Green, Gold, etc. Special skins could include a Void-touched or Fel-touched Prophet Velen.

Basic Attack - single target ranged attack


  1. Virtuous Presence - An aura of healing emits from target allied hero for a short period. Targeted hero and all allied heroes within the aura receive healing.
  2. Righteous Blast - A small beam of light blasts from the Prophet’s staff expanding outwards as it goes. Allied heroes in the beam receive healing. Enemy heroes struck are knocked back and take damage. Damage also applies to structures.
  3. Argussian Renewal - Prophet Velen calls on the power of his ancestors to renew his team. A radiant light illuminates a small target location for a brief duration. Allied heroes in the target area receive a heal over time.
    Trait) Gift of Light - Passive After every 10 successful non-heroic heals on allied heroes, the next non-heroic heal does increased healing. Max of 1 successful count per ability usage. Successful heals count when a hero receives healing. Multiple heroes affected by the same heal do not count. Prophet Velen’s heals on himself do not count.

Level 10 Heroics:

  1. All for One, One for All - The power of the Triumvirate shines through Prophet Velen. Target allied hero receives a heal. All nearby allied heroes, always including Prophet Velen regardless of distance, also receive healing over time based on a percentage of the initial healing done.
  2. Always have Faith - Prophet Velen refuses to let his team fall to darkness. A protective ward is summoned at target location for a short duration, increasing the effectiveness of heals on allied heroes within the area.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. Power of the Eredar - Increases the range that allied heroes can be affected by Prophet Velen’s All for One, One for All heroic ability. Increases the initial healing done.
  2. Godspeed - Increases the duration of Prophet Velen’s Always have Faith heroic ability. Heroes within the area also gain movement speed and basic attack speed.
  3. Never Give Up - Activate Increases Prophet Velen’s basic attack speed. Passive Prophet Velen’s basic attacks can be used on allied heroes. Basic attack damage is changed to equivalent healing when used as such. These count towards Prophet Velen’s Gift of Light trait.
  4. Shield of the Vindicaar - Activate Prophet Velen raises his hand, projecting the Light and strength of the Vindicaar on target location for a short duration. Opposing heroes who cross the threshold of the shield (entering or exiting) receive damage and take increased damage for a short duration.

the idea is very good, right friend, unfortunately I believe that there are more interesting characters to come in Heroes of Storm, this character made a very important presence in the framework of history

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