New hero prediction?


As stated in the latest Sticky Post the 85th hero shall be on the PTR the 1st week in January. So… who will it be? Its gotta be someone to attract everyone and maybe bring some people back. Sadly i think this means an overwatch hero, but on the flip side, we didnt get one all year.

Also mention of more reworks, hoping that our friend tassadar gets some attention. Also chen… chen is still fun but he needs help. Who do you think is up next?


If it’s Overwatch, I’d love to see Rein/Orissa/Winston as tanks, Moira or Zen for healers and Symmy/Torb/Mcree for some damage goodness.

I’d love it if they brought Mercy across, what with her being my main, but of course she has to be too damn similar to Morales.


An Overwatch tank would probably be ideal. Reinhardt is the most obvious pick, and most requested, so I think he has a foot in.

(I still want Sombra though. Please be Sombra)


If it is an OW hero Moira would indeed be pretty awesome; i’m always for more supps and her bouncy heal-ball is an interesting mechanic.

Otherwise i hope for Itherael, Belial, Leah, D2 Druid or Trapsassin or one of the Naga from WoW.


They’d be shooting themselves in the foot with an OW hero that ISN’T Reinhardt or Winston. Reinhardrt who’s pretty much the only OW hero that fans REALLY want and Winston, who, if Tracer is considered the face of the franchise, then Winston would be both the brain and the voice.

Otherwise, Imperious would be solid though idk if he’d bring players back but it would get current players happy. Personally, i like Arcturus, but once again i don’t think he’d get people back so much as make people still here happy. Deathwing would definitely be a release that could get people back, but idk if people feel like waiting through another WC character and I’d like to Deathwing would be a release they’d save for a big announcement like Gamescon or Blizzcon.

Personally, and as much as i hate to say it, i feel that only a WC character really has the power and hype behind them to be a reason to come back to the game since it just has the biggest Blizzard characters. Deathwing, Grom, Mannoroth, Vol’jin, Cenarius, Vashj, WC just has all the big names. But if we’re thinking alternatively for big characters in the other franchises i can think of Imperious, Baal, and Zoltun Kulle from Diablo, and Arcturus, Swann, and maybe Selendis from SC, but like i said there isn’t a whole lot of groundbreaking heroes they can release from the other franchises like there is for WC.


Overwatch most likely… then again its an open book


Anduin is going to be my prediction.


Tomator or I uninstall.


Wishlist by Universe:

Warcraft: Tirion, Turalyon, Nozdormu
Overwatch: Pharah


Reinhardt or Mannoroth

There’s literally no other way for them to release a new hero in this stadium of things and not shoot themselves in the foot… There may be some “selling pieces” to some “potential OW newcomers” but IMO anything else that wouldn’t be AS CONVINCING as him wouldn’t probably do much (or any) good

OR if they want to keep the “hardcore” “loyal” fanbase they should release non other than a freakin’ iconic WC villain (arguably Mannoroth being the most wanted for)

There’s also a slight chance it’s Belial, but don’t think it’s gonna make an “impact” onto the game’s progression though





It will be Vol’jin or Belial.


Lady Vash’j, no evidence for it I’m just in the market for a new bow main.


I really hope for Sombra as a hero release, but I guess we will have to find out!

Maybe the first teasers will appear Monday.


I’m hoping for an Overwatch hero.

But i would not be disappointed with New Stealth hero Gabriel Tosh.


Although my personal pick would be Vorazun, I would love to see Reinhardt, Mannoroth, Imperious, or any other warrior in the game.

I just like warriors.


The game is bleeding for main tanks. It really has to be a main tank I hope. Reinhardt looks really cool


On Mondays spotlight drops.

Usually there’s 2 or 3 teasers, if it’s 2 it starts on Saturday then Sunday then Spotlight on Monday.

If it’s 3 it starts Friday for the first teaser, then Saturday then Sunday and also Spotlight on Monday.

This sometimes isn’t accurate as they drop the hero reveal and the spotlight on the same day.


I am not playing for the forseeable future but I hope it is not Overwatch. With the recent news I kinda wonder whether introducing Overwatch characters was where they first started going wrong. Time to break out more of the classic heroes people have wanted to see for ages. Mannoroth with an ability to pollute healing wells would be awesome.



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