New concept hero: the spellbreaker!

(ik he isnt an actual hero, but i LOVE the concept of an anti-mage )

the spellbreaker is a support who can branch into either defending his teammates from magic, or deal increased damage to mages. he can also mitigate the mana reduction of his teammates and cripples his enemy with mana problems, spell power reduction, and depression.


-health: 1760
-health regen: 4.13
-mana: no mana
-AA dmg: 63
-AA freq.: 1.65/ sec
-AA range: 1.5
-unit radius: same as garrosh

trait: arcane armor:
the spelbreaker has 30% permenant spell armor. every 5th spell damage absorbed grants a charge of overcharge

activatable 1: overcharge:
target any allied hero, and give them 100 spell armor for 1.5 second. then, restore mana equal to 10% of the spell damage taken.

Q: throwing glaives : ( 8 sec CD )
increase your AA range by 3 for the next 3 seconds. it deals an additional 10% of their max MANA as dmg. ( ie naz with 1k mana is + 100 dmg :stuck_out_tongue: )

W: mana cripple: ( 12 sec CD )
target an enemy, and zap it with green lightning, dealing 98 dmg to it and all nearby enemies ( radius of a zarya repulsion zone ), and giving heroes -50% max mana for 4 seconds and -20% spell damage for 5 seconds. deals 150% more dmg to minions, mercs, and monsters.

E: siphon: ( 12 sec CD ) ( 4 range )
target an enemy hero to siphon 15% of their mana over 3 seconds, deal damage equal to the mana stolen, and gain a shield equal to that amount. target any allied hero to restore 10% of their mana instantly and give them 350 shield for 5 seconds. ( for u logan :smiley: )



  • dispel magic: (50 sec CD activatable) ( 6 range )
    target an ally to cleanse for 1 second. target an enemy to dispel all their effects for 2 seconds. ( they cannot be targeted, healed, or buffed by their allies for the duration, AND they will be rid of ALL pre-existing effects such as protected, armor, shields, etc…) ( cannot be targeted on any un-targetable unit (invulnerable, stasis), and for balancing issues, cannot be targeted on absorption)
    passive: reduce siphon’s cooldown by 2 seconds and increase the baseline spell armor to 35%
  • blood mana: (30 sec CD activatable)
    activate to make your next mana burn take another 5% mana and deal 89 extra damage.
    passive: reduce the cooldown of mana burn by 0.5 second for every enemy hit. doubled against heroes.
  • WHERE IS THE SUNWELL?!?!?!: ( 30 sec CD activatable )
    AA during the next throwing glaives bounces to 1 additional target prioritizing heroes.
    passive: increase basic attack speed by 20% and reduce the cooldown of throwing glaives by 1 second.

tier 2:

  • mana addicition:
    at the end of siphon’s channel against enemy heroes, reduce siphon’s cooldown by 4 seconds.
  • the royal guard: ( 70 sec CD activatable )
    activate to increase your spell armor by 30 , and gain 20 physical armor for 3 seconds
    passive : increase your max health by 20%
  • loyal glaives: quest!
    attack heroes 60 times
    reward: your AA range is increased by 3 permanently, and the glaive now deals half the damage on the way to the target and return. this halved damage is affected by the damage buff of throwing glaives
  • blood magic:
    feedback also restores 15% of the damage taken as health

spells related to mana is a weird thing, but this hero’s thing is to be powerful early game. he can branch to dealing alot of damage, supporting allies and tanking, or take more mana from enemies.

i made him to be the first REAL counter against mages. if the enemy comp in a draft has alot of mages, he would be an ideal choice.

and i know that some heroes do not have mana, but THEY would be a counter then! because the spellbreaker, was ALREADY weak against melee stuff in wc3! there are very few heroes who do not follow mana, and he would rock the meta by alot too ^^ besides, he does not FULLY rely on mana-full heroes. he can still do alot of ranged damage and tank.

lastly: i made his mana steal abillities weak ( 10% and 15% MAX mana steal ) to avoid the situation where there is no counterplay. the spellbreaker’s cooldowns for mana steal abilities are not short, and you would use them mostly for their other effects. this can be countered by focusing the spellbreaker early in the teamfight. remember: he is a melee hero and he dosn’t have the largest health pool. you dont have to draft deckard for mana talent or malfurion. draft a strong diver or a DoT mage. and be careful with your mana.

counters against the spellbreaker:
qhira ( poison does NOT count for trait )

what the spellbreaker counters:
valeera( energy yes but she can barely touch him cuz spell armor)

ill finish the talents once u guys approve of the design.


Fun concepts, but IMO mana burn has been discussed so many times over 5 years and commented on by developers it is pretty surely never making its’ way into HotS.

But more anti-mages would surely be fun, the only ‘real’ one we have now is really Anub’arak.

Johanna does have a pretty nice Spellbreaker skin though.


while I think the idea is awesome (I’ve always like spell breakers) the mana interaction means they’re gonna be weird against a lot of the cast of the game.

Oh, also, I feel like feedback is a weird name for what the ability does. IDK what a better name is. Overcharge? Charge?

IDK, just jumped out at me to start.

10/10 best named talent hahaha

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i just searched it and apparently, there are only 15 heroes ( 16 - 1 abathur ) that dont use mana. and the spellbreaker still does a heck ton even if he is somehow paired against 5 ppl who dont need mana. i specifically made it so he can divert to tanking spell damage in case something like that happened in a casual QM.

feedback originally was meant to also deal the damage. but i couldent balance it properly so i changed the whole thing and forgot to change the name ( it would still be insane value even if the ally dosent have mana ) ill change it to overcharge since it sounds more…electric and stuff XD

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([HC] Suggestion for Hots,Spellbreaker,Gaurdian of Silvermoon (Support)).
I had Concept for Spell Breaker at febeury and Hots welcome to it.
Hope we can see a Hero like as him in game.


Anti-mage more like Anti-fun


I think it is better that we think about some damage for spell breaker not only focusing on anti magic propert that maybe cause sad for other players.


Seems too specialized.

If you’re that specialized then you better be damn good at your job or else whats the point. We all know what happens when youre damn good at your one job, nova nerf.

So basically a mage specialist that cant be too good at countering mages.

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if illidan doesn’t have manaburn, they sure as hell aren’t givin it to some random spellbreaker

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i literally made him get absurd AA dmg from talents and you still say “too specialized”

your AA is very powerful. you have a TON of spell armor. he dosent JUST counter mages, he also has abillities to restore mana, give shields, and he still works even without opposing mages. he has alot of diversity and idk what to add to make him even MORE diverse…

ragnaros is in the game, why didnt they give HIM pyroblast? kael is just a random mage -_-

the answer is simply that illidan’s abillities and offensive nature and AA obviously cannot relate to mana burn.

i made sure to minimize mana burning. also, there is no real counter to mages/ ranged assassins in this game, which make up a TON of heroes. putting him in would really rock the meta in a cool way.

im actually pissed that alot of ppl are not even giving it a shadow of a thought. it took me almost a WEEK of thinking to actually balance his kit. and you guys just look at “anti-mage” and be so NEGATIVE… no this isnt critisizm this is outright insult. idk why everyone is negative but if you REALLY see the kit, you would see that he actually has builds. he has ways to get around mana-less heroes.

i cannot explain it more than this…


thanks for the constructive critisizm of planar and shapeshifter, as well as the comment of daylan. the rest of you? look at your comments, and instead of saying things like damn, and anti-fun, PLEEEASE try to reread the thing.


On the positive side, its temporary. as far as i read it, your mana % will not change, its just increases the cost of your abilities.
But sadly doesnt feel right as spell since the better manaburn effect is on many heroes just going to be useless since they arent going to be drained fast.
Still, its a very good start for a mana burn like talent.

The idea of a manaburn would normaly be that its a conditional silence. And for that i think this would be a better alternative: A percentage of your current mana (can be 100%) is going to be converted to generating mana (you get set to 0, your old mana state will be the value that is being regenerated). The generation speed being based on a base value (like 50 mana/s).
It prevents mana spamming (disrupts some heroes but only those that involve 200 mana cost combo’s) at durations of ultis. But other than that, is just going to be a sort of silence.
A major advantage is however that you dont have to wait for all the mana to use your mobility ability.

And obviously, its cooldown should always be balanced in a fair way.


I’m gonna say the exact opposite of this…

For being an “Anti-Mage” character, he seems too powerful (useful?) against non-Mage characters. Too many Tanks also rely on mana, and he would wreck them just as much (actually, probably more) as the mages that he is supposedly countering.


actually ( and i thought this would happen ) the -10% max mana is… permanent XD. the -20% spell damage isnt :stuck_out_tongue: .

you actually gave me the idea… maybe i can make it -50% mana for 4 seconds. that way, if youre low, you can be in a REAL pickle. this would be longer than a valeera silence, but it requires that the enemy screws up and spends too much mana. if theyre full, not much would happen, which is a very cool point!

thank u good sir, ill be changing that :stuck_out_tongue:

true he is very powerful, but the other hand of it is that he is absolute trash against heroes who do not care such as sonya, artanis, or samuro. in fact samuro might be the greatest counter to the spellbreaker. in concept, medivh is broken as hell, but is he? same here. in concept, 30% permenant spell armor, and an activatable that gives 100% spell armor then gives mana, might be strong. but he is a melee hero with probably the lowest health off of all melee characters . you can see where im going here. he can have high ranged dmg, at the cost of his poor health. you can tank and use ur trait like crazy, but all the dmg is gone. and you can be a hybrid and also support your team a bit.

The title might be misleading for ppl who check the forums for leaks and teases.


Maybe you could put a debuff on the enemy Hero, which prevents the use of spells for a brief time span with the highest Mana Consumption instead of “Burning Mana”?

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that is called a silence my friend :stuck_out_tongue: unless you are referring to something smarter than my pea brain.

Silence prevents every kind of spell except the AA. What I meant is negotiating the powerfull spells, while weaker can still be used.
This is a mechanic, which would be new to HotS

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Can’t remember where exactly it was said but they’ve explicitly said Mana Burn was not going to be included in the game because it’s a “feel bad” mechanic.

Otherwise I’d be hoping for a Dark Archon hero with Feedback.
Then again that was a quite a while ago and they could have different goals. Mana issues in the game have been pretty nonexistent on the majority of new heroes (assuming they even HAVE mana) and a mana burn would be interesting to see.

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although it is an original and cool idea, wouldent that be a bit weak? if we were to rank effects, it would look like this

blind : 0.25
sleep: 0.35
slow: 0.40
root: 0.50
silence: 0.75
stun: 1.00

if you get a silence and break it down, you would get that it disables 3 abilities + activatables + ults! making it disable, at LEAST, 4 things. disabling 1 thing only, makes this VERY weak. i would have to get it to disable that single abillity for 10 seconds to get any value, and it would still face the issue of not relating to mana. even if we surpass all things. we would still have no name for it :stuck_out_tongue:

not gonna lie it might work, but it needs alot of adjustments.

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I’d rate sleep a little higher, even if this is just a general list. .45 at the very least.
It’s kind of worthless when your team is tossing out random abilities everywhere but with coordination sleep is a very powerful tool.
Sleep is generally easier to land and has a potentially long duration for a total cc effect like that.

The amount of setup Mal’ganis is capable of is insane, his ability to remove half of the enemy team from a fight for a few seconds is massive before you even count the wombo potential.

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