Network issues, but considered as leaver

Sometimes, I have network issues, disconnecting me from the lobby. Now, I can only play against other leavers in quick matches with players that constantly leave the game.
It feels kind of unfair as I never leave any matches.
Is there no way to find a more tolerant system?
PS: I am not using WIFI for information, but an Ethernet cable. Still, I have issues sometimes

EDIT: I finally won a game, allowing me to resume playing normally, but it would still be nice to change that, as it can always happen

The game has no way to tell whether or not you disconnected by accident or on purpose. If losing connection didn’t count as quitting, then rage-quitters and trolls could pull their ethernet to leave games without being punished. Besides, whether you quit on purpose or not, you still deserve the punishment. It’s not fair to your teammates that you abandon them.

There is some forgiveness built into the game, as well. You are allowed to leave one game for free roughly once per week. If your internet is bad enough that you’re leaving multiple games per week, then you shouldn’t be playing online games.

The thing is, I didn’t even abandon anyone, as I did not quit a game. I saw many times people getting disconnected during a game, but being able to reconnect just after. Giving a few extra seconds in the lobby to try to reconnect instead of just canceling the game and punish directly would be more fair.

And it’s not that my connection is bad, it is excellent even. But for some reason, sometimes, it just stops working until I unplug/replug the cable.
That’s my issue, but if I have something like that, someone else could be in a similar situation.


The focus here would be to fix the source of the disconnections. It’s important to clarify that unstable connection issues often appear as if your connection is fine until it isn’t over and over. I recommend following our troubleshooting Here. If the problem continues, please try running a PingPlotter to host IP: Start up the game and play as normally until the issue occurs. Follow the steps to create a link to the Ping Plotter results then post back here within the code blocks below.

`Link Here`

Thank you!

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