My private massage to game creators

I think he means he’s very upset by the fact that he’s been silenced.

Weird reaction to it, though.

Why would he want to give a private massage to someone he doesn’t like?


LOL You’re right. I didn’t see the A in mAssage. I automatically assumed he meant mEssage.

Oh this changes everything!

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Jokes aside, I’m trying to understand his issue.

How are muted players swearing at him “10000” times in chat if they are… you know… muted?

I sure have trouble making sense of what the OP wrote. As for missing something, it seems to be just another rant post about being silenced, so really we miss nothing at all.

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What’s going on? Is this a coincidence or another double personality thing!?



It was irony if you still dont focus it. Silence account cant by really toxic. but blizzard still treat them like most toxic

How you know. I got chat turned off not because im toxic but because I know there will always be one or two trolls that are gonna report you for not doing what they want.

Troll 4 mans usually does this a lot to the solo que player.


How much do you take per hour for your services?

Guldan in the first screenshot is right though, if you were the toxic player against your team, they did right and reported you, as it seems you deserve your silence, think about your actions.

At least we learn one thing from this thread: Reportsystem is working as intended.

Your hear voices in your head from muted players? Wow… that’s scary.

Nice catch, Mumrah! And I am not sure honestly…


I just came to say that idk how you can say it’s a private message. I’m not a game creator and im reading this.

press the </> button and add the image from imgur in there.


Yeah. You right - report players who are silenced for bad language. this game is so dead because is many players like you and this guldan from screen. You reporting everyone, does not mater he have silenced account or he is in your team or other team. Report just for rule. This is real toxic.

You mean Yusuke’s guldan? xD

Very lucky RockStar has no workers like blizzard…
bankrupt very fast

Spamming pings counts as languange as you get information in chat and it can annoy people, so if you get reported by “abusive chat”, when you’re silenced that means you spam people with pings. Otherwise the reports would not affect you.

Dunno, I’ve been silenced ONCE and the reason they gave was pretty lame despite my account being pretty old (4 or 5 years I think?).

What got them was me saying ‘sigh’ after trying to tell my team, without insults or excessively rude snark, how to stop dying over the course of 4 or 5 games.

BlZiZArD is hyper sensitive and completely lacks the ability to analyze context while simultaneously abusing contract law to the point where almost any judge would side with the plaintiff due to completely ill-defined definitions that enable their account action since in essence what the EULA says is ‘If we don’t like what you say, we will take action against your account’.

The worst part though is the GMs don’t care unless you’re a big enough name to draw attention like Luke from LTT did when he was banned from WoW (GMs didn’t care, told him to piss off; LTT made Blizzard look bad for it and ONLY THEN was the issue actually investigated).

Regardless if the OP is correct or not, Blizzard is not good at this kind of stuff and they implemented a lazy, poorly thought through, illegal system to automate moderation which has at least in part; killed HOTS.

In essence; Blizzard took the Overwatch moderation system and slapped it onto HotS despite HotS not being known for wanton toxicity. I’m just thankful they didn’t try that tone deaf crap with StarCraft II - and whatever executive or lead dev pushed against it being implemented is a bloody saint for standing up to the clowns who thought such an arbitrary system was a good plan.

blizzard reporting for abusing chat not for pings. Iam very sorry becaues I need sometimes help and ping to give me assist. Very apologise!

In my opinion blizzard is a scam studio. I will never spend any money there. They blocking accounts for free. That why Diablo4 will download as pirate. 100% unbanable

Pings count as chat and so it counts as abusive chat.

There is a difference between pinging one or two times and spamming on heroes.

Idk why you guys get reported for pinging/chatting. I come to hots to play, not to waste my time.