My game crashes when trying to Authenticate

I would like to play this game however after opening the game it tries to authenticate my account, then the loading screen freezes and the game crashes. The game does work in non American servers but my account information does not carry over on those servers so all the stuff that I had unlocked is gone. I have tried restarting my computer turning it off an unplugging it for 5 minutes as well as resetting my Blizzard password and nothing has worked. every time I get 8B0E8943-C14E-4D3A-8DE6-F97A52F3AE5F error.

Hey there,

e_fileCorrupt “Files in your Heroes of the Storm installation are damaged.” Time: 295,953 [20230904T12:19:04] File: C:\Users\bubba\OneDrive\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\

Looks like your settings are corrupted and that can affect one login over another as each would have their own variables.

Onedrive can interfere with and corrupt the settings data for Heroes of the Storm. This can happen if Onedrive is set to manage the folder where the settings variables reside in your Documents folder for Windows.

  1. Open Onedrive (re-enable if you disabled it)
  2. Go into settings and deselect the Heroes of the Storm Folder under documents so that Onedrive does not try to manage them.
  3. Exit/close/disable Onedrive
  4. Open the documents folder for your user in File Explorer(Right click Windows start, choose File Explorer)
  5. Delete the Variables.txt under Heroes of the Storm (You may also need to navigate into the Accounts folder to clear a bad hotkey file.)
  6. Empty the recycle bin and retest the game.

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