Murky respawn idea

I feel like Murky has far too much going for him. He really is not fun to play against.

Put Murky’s ressurection timer on a cd. If the cd resets he gets his 8 secs. But if he dies while the cd is on, his death timer doubles. With each death the cd refreshes and his death will double until it is normal time, the cd falls, or his egg is destroyed. This would stop the agressive suicide Murky from being so irritating and oppressive. The cd wouldn’t have to be long or it could have an effect like hero and minion kills reduce the timer.

Just an idea. Open to other ideas.


He can do practically nothing in early game if his pufferfish is killed. He is far from overpowered.


Another thing about murky is that it has a late game too strong, that is to say for the damage it can do and the impact it can have on the tfs and if you manage to kill it it revives every 8 seconds or 16 is too short, they should raise it base respawn respawn to 11 seconds and twice hp should be 22. Or reduce damage a bit since his own hero description says he doesn’t count as a full hero.
So his damage shouldn’t be that of a complete hero either.

back in my day he respawned in three.

But yeah, I get it. If you don’t kill pufferfish, you lose against him. It’s pretty damn simple

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@AnimRideBike I have to agree with you there. His late game dmg is high.

murky is fine, l2p. now get in one of the many imperius threads and help us get him nerfed.


Not an l2p issue. Murky is oppressive to play against. If he is only suppose to be “doesn’t count as a full hero” than his damage should reflect that. Right now he is hitting harder than some Assassins. He has too much in his kit.

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His main issue is his egg health! They buffed it to absurd levels in the last patch and have yet to revoke the buffs…

Also fyi target the puffer fish and he loses 50% of his dmg

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I think people forgets, post rework Murky respawn was 5 seconds. Also life of his egg is buffed slightly on level 1-14 than lower than it was on lvls 15-20, and than higher. His melee damage reflects on that and his kit - he need at least 2 seconds to hit you for full power skills as his first slime hits like wet paper, his puffer fish can be easily killed (lets remind that in old version of it some characters like Diablo, Thrall (unless he used windfury), Leoric, Stukov, Stitches couldn’t have killed it and many other characters unless they started to atack it instantly, and lets remind Murky used to have more HP before and much more broken talents - very popular time to krill was 12,5% more powerful (slow and damage wise), egg respawn was 5 sec, Murky got bonuses from SP talent every 5 sec, Bribe required only 7 stacks to convince mercs - so … yeah nerfing him more would definetly make him unplayable.


His level 20 talent is busted. Sorry man but he becomes far to tanky and hits to hard for a hero that isnt a “full hero”.

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You pick big tuna kahuna? Why?

The only oppressive thing about Murky is Octograb , it’s cooldown is too short


Murky hp on lvl 20 with “OP Big Tuna Talent” 3199. Medivh HP on lvl 20, 3220 - HP of Murky is not even top amongst range squishies (afterall Olaf with lvl 1 talent can have more hp) - If Murky HP would be equal to Mishas hp meaning Murky would need to start with 80 hp (This 80 hp more would be equal also 3,5 hp per sec more for Murky on lvl 1 meaning DOTs would simply been negated even more) more it would have been OP but now. Please …

Now let’s take into account Murky’s health regen compared to Medivh’s.

He is labeled as “not quite a hero”. A 3000 health pool with high health regen sounds like a full hero to me.

I too get frustrated at competent Murky players that contribute to late game team fights. If you kill him at the start of the fight, he might be back to finish you off. If you take pot-shots at him, he regenerates within seconds. If you ignore him, he does loads of damage by slime alone.
Mostly the frustration comes in when the match and skill feel fair: Example: most fights both teams are able to take out three or so heroes. Murky though, offsets that by being able to come back so fast and contribute so much.

Yeah, but if his egg is blown out early somehow then it’s problematic for him.

8 seconds can be enough to win a 4v5, also. Murky also struggles in lane against players who don’t fall for mind games, and can end up with bad soak which can screw his team because Murky behind isn’t like Medivh being behind, it’s basically the end of Murky’s contributions.

His egg timer needs to scale as the game goes on. No reason he should be as strong as he is while maintaining an 8 second timer late game. Also as the game progresses his egg timer after its been destroyed needs to scale. He can just suicide every team fight, kill maybe 1 person, and then be back in 8 seconds. Making his timers scale will make him have to be a little more careful about dying.

That’s my only complaint. He’s not a full hero in the beginning of the game, but in the end he definitely is, except he comes back quicker than any other hero, unless Auriel uses Res, and Malthael or KTZ pick talents to revive immediately. Even then, they’re punished for it next time they die, unless the cooldown is reset before they die again.

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Big Tuna Kahuna is what makes Murky good tbh. His damage (and quite frankly, Octograb) is balanced around him having 1/2 of an average assassins health. When you double that, most of his weaknesses disappear, and his self healing talents on 13 grow expontentially.

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Nerfing Murky respawn would be literally killing his value - He has lowest hp of Melee assassins (even with Big Tuna) and his sole purpose is to annoy enemies. Also lets look at Misha - It is considered 0,25 hero despite being more than any Viking Alone. And it also have shorter respawn. While Meka is considered half hero despite being just suit.


He’s an (lategame) assasine for a reason. As other said Murky is fine.

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