MMR Reset Petition

All in favor, reply to this. FIX YOUR GAME! I love the game, please don’t let it die because you’re too damn stubborn to do what’s needed. Who am I kidding. Blizzard doesn’t give a sh*t. The few developers left on this game are just struggling to keep their jobs. The sole part time community manager won’t even respond probably. I hate the reality that this game is soon to be dead and forgotten


Why must MMR be reset? Any player with incorrect MMR will have theirs fixed as they play… By nature of MMR.


I’m out of likes, but I agree. With DrSuperGood.

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I have not paid $ 1 for this game. An MMR reset would be the ONLY thing I would spend money on. This is why the game failed. You don’t make money on skins and people who want to send you money for needful things you don’t do.

Good news the devs can now collect unemployment.

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How is it that the game can rank you so much lower than your previous rank from last year? I carried 60% win rate out of roughly 350 games and was diamond 5. Then I won all 3 of my placement games and was ranked plat 5. Tell me the MMR is correct then cause it is not.

What has your rank from previous year to do with your current rank?

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Why would you rank someone that much lower when you held a high win rate?

" I carried 60% win rate out of roughly 350 games and was diamond 5, but as we know winrate says nothing. Then I dropped in the end of the season to plat 5 because I couldn’t hold my rank. Then I won all 3 of my placement games and was ranked plat 5. Looks like I was placed correctly"

Here fixed your text for you. Never leave the important parts out of your story.

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Lol no I didnt. I stayed at diamond thank you very much. Maybe next time don’t assume something just cause you do not like a person, or are you still selling advice to players on your bronze account? Either way have a good day and hope you are able to climb this season, I don’t bother with trolls.


#1. the system is not working that way, it will never suddenly place you a whole
league below if you have playing ranked

#2. (thats my favorite) lets take a look at your posting history.
5th april: “Went from plat 1 to plat 5 in 3 days cause of these players”
9th april: “Happened to me this season too cause I was dumb enough to play at
the end of the season, Fell from diamond 5 to gold 2”

so now lets all guess: is it number one and hunterbees encountered a strange bug? or is it number two and he is a pathetic lying noob who cant climb and makes up fake storys to get attention? I will let everyone here take a look at the evidence and decide the case for themself.
I’m out! <3


I could be wrong, but if I remember right, if you don’t play ranked for 3 seasons (might only be 2), the game does reset your MMR to a level based on your performance in QM.

So, it is possible to lose an entire league between multiple seasons, especially if you like to experiment in QM like most people do.

Maybe. I’m too tired too look for any links because in this case it doesn’t matter.

LOL. That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.

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While MM shall collect groups of players by the average MMR, and to throw in the same group of players with a high winrate and low for 50%, and until devs not open the MMR, it is nullified to reset it. Need to change the approach itself to the MM of groups.

By your logic Dan Marino is a horrible QB because he never won a SB as though it doesn’t matter he never had good teammates.

LAWL ignorant.

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Dan Marino would disagree, that’s not how “group ranking” works at all.

WTF what are you even talking about? Am I supposed to google who Dan Marino is to understand your comparisson you have just pulled out of your a**?

There you go, feign ignorance to defend your illogical and unrealistic position.

are you suffering from dyslexia??? Is it so hard to reread my comment and understand that I don’t know who Dan Marino is? Using basic human logic this means I also can’t understand what the f*** you are even talking about, what I told you in my previous post. When you come here and try to make a point than don’t throw some sh*tty comparissons in but actually make a point that everyone here will understand without having to google your crap first.

He was basically the Micheal Jordan of football in the United States. As quarterback, he completed more passes in a career than any other player, ever (retired 1999 with 4,967 completions). He led the league six times in completions, ranks second in yards gained, and third in touchdown passes… but he never won a Super Bowl.

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