Millhouse Manastorm Old Concept

I made this a while ago and since the news, I felt like I could just drop it without there really being much scrutiny whether it would work. Tried to go in a unique direction with him, though it’s heavily influenced by how mechanics work in Hearthstone given there isn’t really much in HotS that represented that game’s mechanics specifically. He’s purposefully designed as a gimmick hero, so forgive the jankiness; I’m not a developer lol
I hope you like the concept though

Milhouse Manastorm

Title: Master of Magics
Role: Ranged Assassin
Difficulty: Hard
Franchise: World of Warcraft
Health: 1250
Health regen: 8.4
Resource: Mana crystals (10)
Unit radius: 0.65
Attack speed: 1
Attack range: 6.6
Attack damage: 42
Strengths: Sustain damage, spell resistance
Weaknesses: Mobility, crowd control, dive

Q - Arcane Blast

  • 2 seconds
  • 1 mana
  • Instantly deal 140 damage in a long cone in front of you. Deals 50% damage to structures.

W - Arcane Explosion

  • 4 seconds
  • 3 mana
  • After 0.5 seconds, deal 170 damage to all enemies around you.

E - Mirror Image

  • 9 seconds
  • 6 mana
  • Create a duplicate of yourself at the target location for 4 seconds. This image also casts your spells dealing 20% damage and has 50% of your current health.

Trait - Just you Wait

  • Start with 1 mana, increasing by 1 whenever you level up, up to 10. Regenerate 1 mana every 2 seconds.
    Active: Spell Studies
  • 4 second cooldown
  • Become unable to act, but regenerate 1 mana every 2 seconds (stacks with base mana regeneration).

R1 - Counterspell

  • 15 seconds
  • 5 mana
  • Gain 100 spell armour for 3 seconds. Upon ending, restore health equal to 50% of the damage prevented. Passive: Gain 2 charges of spell shield, reducing the next source of spell damage by 50%. 4 second cooldown.

R2 - Evocation

  • 25 seconds
  • 5 mana
  • Activate to increase your spell power by 25% for 4 seconds.
  • Passive: Your basic attacks are now split into 50% physical damage and 50% spell damage.

Lvl 1
Arcane Intellect - Hitting 2 or more heroes with arcane blast returns 2 mana. Passive: Damaging an enemy hero with a spell increases health regeneration by 50% for 2 seconds.
Arcane Missile - Enemy heroes hit by Arcane Blast also have an arcane missile fired at their current location dealing 90 damage, taking 0.75 seconds to land. Hitting an enemy hero with Arcane Missile slows them by 15% for 1 second, and increases your movement speed by 15% for 1 second.
Arcane Proficiency - Quest: Damage enemy heroes with Arcane Blast. Reward: Each enemy hero hit increases its damage by 5, up to 125. After hitting 25 heroes, gain a bonus 25 damage.

Lvl 4
Pyroblast - Enemy heroes hit by Arcane Explosion also take 20% of its damage over 3 seconds after.
Frost blast - Enemy heroes hit by Arcane Explosion are slowed by 20% for 1.25 seconds.
Mana Explosion - Increase the cost of Arcane Explosion by 1, but restores 5% mana to all allies within range. Passive: Increase the range of Arcane Explosion by 15%.

Lvl 7
Splitting Image - Casting Mirror Image also creates a Mirror image at your location. Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Mirror Image by 2 second.
Duplicate - After Mirror Image is destroyed, a second is summoned in its place. Passive: Increase the damage of Mirror Image to 50% of your damage.
Echo Of Medivh - Activate to swap places with your Mirror Image. Passive: Increase the health of Mirror Image to 75% of your maximum health.

Lvl 13
Tome of Intellect - Decrease the cooldown of Spell Studies by 1 second, and decrease time taken to generate 1 mana by 0.5 seconds.
Devolving Missiles - Damaging an enemy hero with Arcane Blast reduces their damage dealt by 25% for 4 seconds, stacking up to 50%. Duration is refreshed whenever you damage them with Arcane Blast.
Mana Bind - Damaging an enemy hero with spell damage steals 25 mana from them. Stealing mana causes your next Spell Studies to instantly restore 1 mana.

Lvl 16
Font of Power - Dealing damage to enemy heroes with spell damage increases your spell power by 2% for 6 seconds, up to 16%.
Conjure Mana Biscuit - Mirror Image leaves a mana biscuit on the ground whenever they are destroyed, lasting 4 seconds. Mana biscuits restore 3 mana.
Cram Session - Activate to cause Arcane Blast and Arcane Explosion to refresh 50% faster, reduce the time taken to restore 1 mana by 2 seconds for 4 seconds. Upon ending, you cannot passively regenerate mana or use your trait for 4 seconds. 30 second cooldown.

Lvl 20
Master of Magics - Reduce the cooldown of Counterspell by 8 seconds, and increase its duration by 2 seconds. Increase healing from damage prevented to 100%.
Here it comes… - Increase split basic attack damage 200% physical and spell, but reduce attack speed by 25%. Enemy heroes hit by basic attacks have their armour reduced by 15 for 1.5 seconds.
Power of Creation - Casting Mirror Image grants stealth for 8 seconds. Passive: Increase maximum mana to 12.