Mercy(overwatch) Skin for Auriel

Can Auriel have a skin to make her look more like Mercy from Overwatch, plz?

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They probably won’t since she’s a highly requested character and will likely be playable in the game at some point.

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With this issue its concept maybe is same to Lt-Morales,she must not being ignored or considered as a skin,but she is a nice option and also a high requested hero for the game,I have a big hope to see Mercy in hots soon,ever less than a year.

is she tho?

I can think of dozens of characters that should be more requested than Mercy

Poor Mercy. She’ll be like Widowmaker. A Skin Option.

But if not. I think her as a Unique Hero would be interesting in terms of being a Huge Healer. Wait or maybe a Whitemane Skin I mean that kind of makes sense than Auriel Skin.