Manual login requires random code taking 30 seconds

As the title says. trying to load the game manually (not through launcher) makes me type in a “random generator code” The code is taking 30+ seconds to load.

Side note: I’ve never seen it ask for the code before today.

Is this code displayed by HotS as part of the login screen? This would be some sort of captcha likely to prevent DoS from automated attack vectors.

If this code is sent by SMS or an application to your phone or a virtual phone, then this would mean you have enabled two-factor/SMS authentication on your account and will be asked by each application the first time they login from a new IP address.

It’s closer to the captcha system. I’m assuming it’s just been added but it’s taking like 30+ seconds to load everytime.

Nothing has been added in many months now. If it exists it will have existed for a long time.

It is unusual and I have never personally experienced it. However, I also always let the BattleNet application login. Even if login fails it is faster and less effort to exit HotS and re-launch from the application than to fill in all account details and select correct region.

Well you see. If you don’t want to have to do the download everytime you log out. You just log in with the direct launcher.
I purposely have a shorter e-mail (Which comes up by default) and my password takes about 1-2 seconds to type.

It didn’t actually occur today. Even though I deliberately typed in the password incorrect 3 times (although I was only there in the first place because of a failed log in). I’ll try from the direct launcer next time it wants me to update to see if I can replicate it.

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