Main page " freezed"

Hi everyone. Lately after updating the computer to the new version of windows, the main screen of the game is as if it were “freezed”, ie the boxes where clicking, for example “ranked match” is not clickable, as if the game didn’t read anything. I’ve also tried other games but the others work perfectly. Has anyone had the same problem as me?
P.S. to make the idea better, if for example an icon is at the far left of the screen, if I go with the mouse cursor to the far right select the one that is actually on the left. Via saying for the other icons!

This issue would best be assisted with in Technical Support forum.

Edit your post and select the Technical Support forum beside the thread title to move this thread there.

Do the following and reply with the results after moving this thread to Technical Support forum:

Try Resetting In-Game Options

Otherwise, post DxDiag as per this post Performance/Stuttering Troubleshooting - #4 by Ibaraius
Enclose the results with ~~~ like this:
DsDiag results