MacBook Pro 16" performance and crashes

I got a new MBPR 16" (2.3 8 Cores, 32GB Memory, Radeon 5500M with 8GB) and the game crashes often. I’m playing with settings on high, the performance is okay but it doesn’t feel really smooth. I had a 13" 2019 before and on low it felt quite good.

How can I provide crashing reports? What resolution do you recommend? (The native resolution ist 3072x1920)


Try 1920x1080. If still crashes then GPU load is not the issue.

Please confirm which version is crashing. At the time of posting, the Deathwing patch is still not live in the EU.

I’m playing on the EU servers. I have changed the settings to medium and I had no crashes at all and this known “starting lag” (if all people are meeting in the middle at the first time) is also a reduced.

I will try it today with the new patch.

Hm. Same tech specs and I’m playing on default settings (recommended) without crashes, freezes or something.

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