Mac M1 AoE indicators missing (1 level below ground)


I would like to pull your attention once more to a bug that has been lurking in Heroes of the Storm, on the Apple M1 chips for more then a year now.
Its concerning a graphics issue where people playing on an M1 chip can not see their AoE indicators (they seem to be 1 level below the floor, as they are visible when aiming them off map).
There is a main thread made already in the bugs department but the last official blizzard reply there was the bundeling of several bug reports.
Can you please either set an ETA on the bug fix OR just let everyone know wether you are even going to fix the bug. Its very unprofessional to keep your fanbase waiting for so long even if it is for a free game.
I have been a blizzard fan since day one and the way you are treating me and several others like me is very dissapointing. If this keeps going this way you will sadly lose a very loyal customer. Even though I know financially you will not mourne over me or any other individual, know that it deeply saddens me to see what you have become and how you treat fans who do not play games of yours that provide revenue.

Kind regards,


Create the new one for today. I will do tomorrow’s.

It seems to have been fixed today! :smile: finally!!