M1 fixed; how how to stop stuttering?

Happy to be able to play again with my little MacBook Air but how do you stop the constant stuttering in game? The game just freezes for 1-2 seconds mid team fight, and then you’re dead. Anyone have any luck with this?


Are you on Mac M1 by any chance ?
is it new from latest (Feb 1st) update ? or did you have the issue before also ?

I am on M1 Mac I have this issue since upgrade to 12.1

No stuttering for me on M1 MacBook Air. Just make sure you turn down the graphics settings a bit. 1440p with most of the graphics options on “Medium” or lower works well for me.

I have the same issue on my mac

Same here, on M1 Pro 16", MID settings stutters like hell during fights. Maybe its a vsync issue?

Same here, it will be much appreciated if devs could improve the performance on M1 chips.

I have a 14” 8/14 core M1 Pro and my game stutters so bad freezing for a half second every so often while my fps counter shows 90-110 and I have settings on 1200p and low/medium. I’ve tried AA on/off and it didn’t help. I’ve shut down all background programs, also didn’t help. I noticed if I tried to run high settings I got a red icon flashing in game about a memory warning. I checked activity monitor and the game was using very little ram maybe 6gb total. I have 16gb of ram and so that should not be an issue. I also have tried full screen and windowed mode - nothing works!

League of legends is quite the opposite. I run at 200+ fps on ultra settings with no lag. I wish blizzard would support Mac gaming like they used to.

I have the same issue.

Its not a problem of the m1 mac or rosetta2 cause on my intel i5 imac 21" its the same problem.

i figured out its a matter of rendering the character skills… so everytime u actually see the ability the first time it freezes one second… its the same for every effect of the map for the first time…

its unplayable like this…

anybody knows a fix for this problem?

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