Love the game. Stop pairing me with newbs plz

Now hol’ up!

I know how that sounds but let me explain.

once your WR (mmr?) goes pretty high. you get paired with actual newbs. after checking their profile is people that havent played in 5 years or is literally their first game.

this, in turn. creates a naturally frustrating and thus toxic environment for everyone. the good players get reported or maybe not but regardless. no one in that game is enjoying themselves.

so why force this?? i think you should limit hte mmr that you try and balance. saying, there are limits.

clearly this game still needs work (ie, the glitch with novas decoy not moving if you are not decloked yourself).

but hopefully you havent completely given up.

gg hf


That’s how the game forces that “50% win-rate”.

The better player you are, the more you win, Solid in-game stats, etc. The more likely you are to experience these regular, alternating stints, where it seems like the matching system sticks you with nothing but chumps and losers.

That’s the game’s idea of, “Balance”. You win too much? The moment you leave your 5-stack, you get put into the Nexas Doghouse, and forced to rough it with the B-squad fools till you eat enough losses to bring your winrate down a notch.

Rinse and repeat.

Edit: In a way, i suppose you could consider this a “teaching method”. By regularly sticking the better players out there with a squad of dolts on purpose, perhaps those mediocre players are more likely to learn more from the High-skill peeps. Years ago someone on the forums joked and called it, “The mentorship que”.

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This ought to be only in QM dho right? Would not make sense in MMR firstly bcs there can’t possibly be enough players for this in a certain rank and it would sort of distort and make it harder for better players to rank up to their skill rank?

I think the MMR should be tied to your player skin. So players who use real money to buy skins get matched together. I think this will make the overall game more balanced and fair.

Perhaps you’re being matched with new players because you’re on a smurf account that has bronze MMR? (check heroesprofile for this guy)

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