Loosing points in ranked



I lost alot of points due to disconnecting from blizzard services. ?y internet connection is stable not my fault. Yesterday i lost 600 points because i got disconnected from blizzard services ON THE SCORE SCREEN. The match was over and i lost 600 points. Any chance of giving back those points, i keep dropping lower and it is not even my fault.


Happened to me too, very nice experience. Yea only way to win 3 games , so hf :smiley:
I sent bug report didnt get an answer for several weeks , read on this forum but yea noone cares



Disconnections can come from multiple sources. Your internet does not have to go down for a disconnect to occur. Unstable wifi, QoS Software conflicts, modem/router issues to ISP and routing can all be factors.

Our focus would be on troubleshooting the connection to help avoid the disconnects. You can start by trying the following steps:

  1. Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router following the steps Here.
  • Once the network is back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.
  1. Make sure your Operating System and drivers(GPU to Lan drivers) are all upto date. We offer support on how to do this Here.

  2. If you play on Wifi it maybe unstable. Try a wired connection following the steps Here.

If the issue continues try to capture it with a WinMTR running in the background. Post the results back here for review.

We can not overturn the penalty system that is built into the game but we can assist in troubleshooting this issue to help keep you connected.

Thank you.


My internet is fine my man. Clearly 1000000 people had this problem , so 1000000 people have bad internet and internet problems. Couldnt it be some server bug some idk what bug, some not my fault the bug exist but i losed points tho?
Isnt the connection between a player and the game a two way street? My modem/router or whatever communicates with blizzards servers and they send information to me, so its always my fault as a player when something crashes? Spend some more time reading this forum, arent you paid for that?



We’re here to troubleshoot connection errors, and that’s what we’re doing. Without getting diagnostic information like Zuvykree requested, we can’t confirm what happened and why you’re having this problem. Keep in mind that while many connection problems are similar, there are dozens of possible problems which can lead to a disconnection.

Until we sort out your technical problem together, you will continue to disconnect, continue to lose ranking, and continue to impact your fellow players games by leaving them without a person for critical team fights.

This isn’t the forum to discuss ranked penalties. If you want to get our help with your connection issue, please do post that WinMTR we requested earlier. We’ll be happy to continue troubleshooting with you.


Yea i understand thats nice and thank you for the answer , but troubleshooting will not get my poinst back. I had a bug in draft i didnt have a disconnect in game , disconnetcting in game isnt new and that isnt a problem. There was a bug in draft , but nevermind, i understand that you cant confirm what exactly happened but im over it keep it up and have a nice day


aye, same problem. Its a nightmare and feels unprofessional. I consistently get leaver 1 every 15 matches. Did my WinMTR thing and they basically just said I can’t play anymore unless I direct connect to my modem.
Note i stay at 5/5 bars and have great gaming PC.