Lobby Disconnect and Leaver Penalties

Hey, me and my Buddy have the same problem. We are going into a ranked match and the lobby just freezes for one of us and you need to ALT F4. Sometimes we are punished multiple times a day and we had the Wins needed up to 4 already with ~30 games left in penalty. We have never left a Lobby on purpose and this really sucks. We love the game and are delighted to see some patches rolling in but this is game-breaking unfortunately.

We tried different Setups (2 Pcs in same Lan, 2 pcs in completely different locations, new router cables, VPN, different isp, etc, ). nothing makes a change to this problem. So maybe some of you have encountered similar problems because I regularly see lobbies crash where i assume its not just an “ALT F4 i dont wanna play this match”. Massive Frustration…

If anyone has a solution… :metal::woman_shrugging:

there is no such things as penalities, i had same afk troll zerathul 2 games in a row, blizz is a dead company, why is still alowed to run by microsoft i duno, they didnt make a quality product in years