Literally impossible to climb ranked solo

Probably a reason why this game is dead and league isn’t, but for the life of me I just can’t get out of bronze, yet a diamond in League. It’s so strenuous to have your fate be put into the hands of what the other 4 players “feel” like, because if you move an atom wrongly during the hero select, they will throw the whole match and literally nothing you can do about it.

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If you are saying that you are diamond rank in League of Legends yet bronze in Heroes of the Storm, that is likely because the two games play very differently.

Actual diamond and master rank Heroes of the Storm players have little issue getting out of bronze due to how low skilled bronze players are. This was shown many times by “bronze to master” series many streamers ran to the point it started to become a problem. It is my understanding that in Bronze their usual win rate was over 80%.

If you encounter such people regularly, it is highly likely you will encounter them on the enemy team as well which will result in easier wins for you. Statistically you are more likely to encounter them on the enemy team since that has 5 players in it that could be such a person, where as your team has only 4 since you are not one of those people.


I’m sorry but the last part is some straight up pure Stockholm Syndrome. Unless there’s an actual percentage table that shows how biases of putting someone on your team vs their team, the 4 teammates is still a strikingly high chance to the 5 enemy teammates.

The game is team dependent. The problem is not this, but the poor quality of matchmaking and reporting system. They are the reason for the current state of the game, or rather consequences of incompetence of developers and management.

I want to play ranked. So I go ahead and start my placement matches! The first draft phase, it’s already over cause everyone wants to be a mage and play whatever pick they want, it goes 3 mages and no tank into a two lane map.

Why do they play ranked? I don’t get it. They aren’t doing it to get better, they do it to play whatever they want, when they want, so why not play quick match? So it can only be trolling in ranked? I just tried one match, and it was so awful it completely turned me off, right from the get-go.

This is just ranked. I want to play ranked. Why can’t the ranked games be normal? Every single time? Not 90% not 75%, 100% of ranked games, why can they not be a good experience? Why is this game that’s so lowly populated, filled with idiots who piss freely in the public pools?

2500 ranked games and pairing me with 0! games play player lvl 50 troll that pick Nova and stay in base… Genius matchmaking go climb haha
MS fired 1,900 employees from the gaming division, mostly Activision, they probably know why…

If this is low rank this is fine. Skill makes such a huge difference there that going a well balanced character is all that is needed for high win rate.

Possibly to complete their daily quests with whatever hero they want. In Ranked any hero counts for all quests, so Imperius could be used to complete Play 2 Warcraft, Play 2 StarCraft and Play to Overwatch/Blizzard quests all at the same time in just 2 matches. In QM or Versus AI this would take at least 6.

That said they are unlikely to get anywhere close to high ranks. If they do, then they probably are quite good with those characters so you probably want them to play them rather than characters they are less good at.

the bronze to master is cringe on streamers. They have stream snipers all over them assisting it is insane to believe they are legit solo climbers.

ranked solo = quick match.

I was GM, playing master league.
Now I am gold, soon silver :smiley:

Hopefully new team will sort this game out …

even quick matches are stupid.

I am usually a healer. I switched a little, and spent 45 minutes on queue. Changed to healer… got a team in seconds… with 2 other healers. To top it off, the other team had no heals.
I honestly don’t understand how they group people. But there’s no rhyme or reason for it. And they expect for you to climb how?

Quick matches have limited match making. It tries to match you in a balanced way, but very quickly starts to make compromises if a match cannot be found in a reasonable time. Just because your queue was near instant, the other people might have been waiting a while and so looser rules apply for the match.

Ranked tries not to make such compromises so I recommend playing that mode if you want balanced matches, not just quick ones.