Limited map pool bug vs AI still active


This issue has been reported by many players many times prior; however, the most recent thread regarding it was being tended to by Zobrek, who has neither fixed the bug nor replied to the recent activity on the thread, and indeed has not been active in the forums for 19 days.

As of the Imperius patch on 1/8/19, my AI teammates map pool has been restricted to:

Sky Temple --> Battlefield of Eternity --> Volskaya Foundry --> Dragon Shire --> Sky Temple --> …

as a closed sequence that repeats indefinitely. Cancelling a game and remaking it produces the same map until a game on that battlefield has been completed.

This bug has been active with various sequences of four maps more often than it has not since the Hanamura rework back in August. Though it has been fixed temporarily a couple of times, it has often resurfaced with new patches and has been active throughout the entire Toys event. It would be nice if it were remedied soon that we might enjoy some variety while grinding the extension of the event.



map pool seems to differ each day, but there is a limitation and has been in place for quite some time now


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I’m not entirely sure what update I can give that would please you Sickroom. The bug is still being tracked, and we have no updates on the current status of the developer resolution or QA tests around that. I sure as pie would share them if we had some. Thanks for bringing it back up however.


I apologize for the unhelpful degeneration in my tone over the course of these reports. It stems from the issues I tried to outline here:

Currently, players are highly incentivized to grind during this comparatively generous event, with some desirable limited-time items that are attainable only through an investment of many hours of play, and yet the only game mode that offers any modicum of control and efficiency has remained more tedious than normal due to an issue that has actually been fixed—again, accidentally or else wise—at least once in the past two months.

Thank you for the response: it is good to hear back on this, especially in light of recent events. Just please understand it was particularly disheartening after months of what has essentially been a coin flip issue every patch to see that the problem was likely going to persist throughout an entire seasonal event, especially now that we know the game is being downsized and, in the case of four weeks ago, even the returning personnel have departed for holiday leave. It’s fantastic that the event has been extended—but that news was undermined after last Tuesday’s patch, and once more yesterday, with yet more concessions in having to continue to tolerate the aforementioned repetition and tedium.

I’ve tried my best to be clear and concise with my communication. Many of us players have at least academic comp sci backgrounds and certainly aren’t without sympathy, so if there are any particular data we can provide which might help expedite the solution and make your lives easier, please let us know.


As of today Jan 17th the same 4 maps have been reoccurring over and over for almost a month now with no change. Battlefield of eternity, Volskaya Foundry, Sky Temple and Dragon Shire. This has been happening for players since last October. It started for me from the beginning of the toys event on Dec 11th. Is there some kind of data that we can send or something that we can do on our end to help get to the bottom of this? Myself and others have posted about this before and it’s very frustrating but if there is anything that we, the players can do to help resolve this please let us know. I love this game and would like to do what I can to see it continue to be sustained and enjoyable for a long time to come.

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"… if there is anything that we, the players can do to help resolve this please let us know. "

Thank you for the passion and support Sickroom/JHan. The best thing for now is to continue the reporting, stressing the importance of this issue and its impact on your play.

That said, we want to keep the discussion centralized for the benefit of our developers and our review process (as well as our forum guidelines). Please continue discussion in our existing thread on this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your diligence and help. I personally agree that this issue is long overdue for a solve, and have worked with my (QA) team to push priority on its resolution.