Language problem with latinos

I am playing a lot of StormLeague and i ve got a lot of Latinos these time, lots of them don t follow ping or calls, they do what they want and don t speak english at all, well … they don t understand a word in english…

last one whisp me that : primero no hablo ingles wey

Is it possible to not match these people with Canadian in StormLeague or with people in Quebec ? Thank

I mean we re on NA server, they have their Brazilian , i would rather wait 1 hour before finding a match then playing with people that do not understand the language server. Or why not put a report option : Do not speak English so the system could find them and put them together !

This is not a racist post , it s just to find a way to have better game experience.

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Blizzard does not care about this. They want people to not understand each other to create more trolling.

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