Laggy slowness recently

I’m getting lag to the point of not being playable recently. I’ve been reading extensively about this, changing settings based on recommendations and reported good performance for m1 Macs, killing the launcher, renicing my process, repairing, rebooting when first starting to play, killing external unnecessary processes, etc. Even setting everything to low and resolution to smallest possible (on my 4k television! haha its funny but, worth a try) Nothing works: it is sometimes okay as well, but mostly of late not. It is stuttering as if there was lag, even though ping is great (or just okay, maybe 100ms).

I am not seeing any process spike on disk usage, and memory usage while playing seems totally fine. This is on an essentially new M1 Mac mini 16GB ram, with about 175GB still free. My internet is on a fibre GIG connection, and I have no inkling of slowness with any other apps/games/streaming media.

One thing that I noticed is after a single game, I am seeing for example these stats from task manager (would post a screenshot but apparently that is not allowed):

threads 59
Ports: 479
CPU Time: 21:26.91
Context Switches: 7116042
Faults: 3452651
Assertions: 1

That is an insane number of runtime faults.

By comparison, here is Safari over roughly the same time running:
threads: 7
Ports: 578
CPU Time: 26.55
Context Switches: 741626
Faults: 181481
Assertions: 0

CPU Time is not the time the process has been running. I was not running heroes for 20 hours, I rebooted immediately before starting the game. Also, I notice the time ticks by faster (at a larger pace each time it updates) for heroes than for safari. It must be a measure based on iops/cores or something.

Note that the number of runtime faults (which would include searching for file handles that do not exist), is roughly 20 TIMES the number for safari. What is going on?

update; probable solution – kill Logitech G HUB. Logitech G Hub was not an issue when on a different television about a month ago but since coming back home it was a problem (in that when I killed it, it started working much better).

I can now run at 1600x900 with default settings but with antialiasing on and with textures at medium instead of default high. This is not nearly as good as I have seen people claim they got with even the 8gb Mac mini but … its close enough for me :slight_smile:

This issue is affecting my MacBook Pro M1 Max 32‑core GPU with 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD. Game stutters to the point of being unplayable now.

Game was running flawlessly with max settings until recently. Not sure what has changed.

The solution proposed does not apply as Logitech G Hub is not installed.

I was having similar issues. My 14" M1 Pro would just stutter all the time and it was very unplayable. I thought it was my wifi but it wasn’t. I think I found something that helped because Im back to smooth gameplay.

I turned off Universal Control completely and that seemed to return things to smooth gameplay. You can that find it in the display settings.