Kael has been a priority ban for nearly 4 years


Kael was release on May 12th, 2015:

It’s now Feb 10th, 2019 ---- just 2 days and 3 months shy of 4 years.

Most heroes go through their periods when they are so feared by the community that they are banned in almost every draft game. I don’t think anyone can argue that currently Mal’ganis, Orphea and Azmodan are the most banned heroes — but right behind those three is Kael in a lot of games.

He’s been positioned as one of the “go-to” bans for longer then any other hero period.

I don’t what to see the hero nerfed into the ground, but I do want to see him off the “need to play” and “need to ban” cycle.

Isn’t it about time something is done with him to pull him back from this position?

Kael'tas needs nerf

Merely a setback. :elf: :fire:


He is handsome, what did you expect?


Only in his own mind.


:elf: :fire: :green_heart:


I don’t ban him because he’s OP, i ban him because I can’t be bothered dealing with him. He’s just annoying.



Ignite never should have been brought back. It nearly doubles the damage of his Q to 1 hero.

He also did NOT need those damage buffs he got semi-recently


Why can’t you guys understand just because someone has a high ban rate is not a need for nerfs?

If he has a balance winrate. That’s all that matters .

Why must every good hero be nerfed into a mediocre game so the entire game becomes boring?



Did I just agree with hailfail?


Because he said something good?


I know…

What a bizarre reality.


Miracles happen sometimes.


Nobody tell him about Fury of the Sunwell.


That’s a zoning/siege talent and unless the enemy team is full of morons it will only hit 1 time max.


Since when is KT a ban priority outside of wood league games? He is barely in top 20 most banned heroes in master. He got banned in 335 games last month while top 10 have extra digit over him in number of bans…


Masters is not where the majority of players are.

The majority of players are in Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Like @Hailfall said, he’s not banned a lot because he’s difficult to deal with, its because he’s annoying to deal with — especially if your team mates keep getting his over and over.


True, but we don’t nerf things because it’s a problem for lower leagues only. They can improve.

“Kael has been priority ban for 4 years.” <-- This is simply not true. He was buffed because he fell off compared to every other mage. No one cared about him but the ppl who didn’t learn how to not spread Living Bomb (yet).


Or maybe it just gets wearing to constantly have to scatter? It’s not exactly fun having to run apart every last time Kael uses W. It gets very frustrating, especially since he can cast it literally for free, and later on at very long ranges with ignite.


The thing is, you need the scatter all the time and not just against Kael. Clumping together is never a good thing especially against mages be it Kael or any other.