Just so tired of unwinnable team comps

Cho’gall and Mei vs. no front line.

Real fun game you’ve got here, Blizz.


it’s not like Blizzard will ever balance the game anyways. They make so much more money when it’s imbalanced. The worst move Blizzard ever did was fuse with Activision. The only thing Blizzard cares about is money and pleasing people that suck at video games, because to be fair there is a lot of people who suck at video games compared to the skilled ones. DO the math and you see Blizzard products is all about the $$$


I mean I’m new here but this game was free so I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty sure you can play without spending a dime


Blizzard makes money with or without people spending money. I also have spent money around launch of this game. Some of the skins and mounts I paid for are no longer available for purchase. But my point is they money off this game regardless how many people farm the long way to unlock certain things. To be honest there is a lot of factors I just don’t care to talk about. Blizzard cares about money more than quality products these days and if you don’t see it I can’t help you. and I am ending the discussion at that

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That is why if players would stop playing they would maybe make the changes needed cause they are not making the money they are so attached to.

The fact that you don’t have to spend any money on this game at all to play it fully leaves me in a place to never complain about the product.

I can either enjoy it.
Or not play it.

And to me that’s the only logic I need about a totally free game.

If the game ends up not being up to my own personal standards I’ll be sure to not let the door hit me on the way out.

Because in the end they gave me a FREE game.

I understand that they still make money off it from in game purchases but that’s up to the individual to buy or not.

How does this idea work, my original post, I mean. It’s quite long, just so y’all aware.