Johanna vs Diablo

interesting, i shud try tht build, but im usually die more with diablo, with johanna its 1 death at tims only

Team: needs a tank
Tank: I Believe I Can Fly

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I knew I forgot to post in a thread! (Saw it from mobile and didn’t bother.)

Diablo is my second most played Hero with a 61% wr in ranked environment (no UD, but it would make it higher tbh). You know me, I’m high on ladder, so don’t laugh :smiley: but… my build is almost always AA Diablo and I think that would be better for low ranks where ppl just get surprised how much selfsustain you have. Try it out!

On when to use and which?

Diablo is an all in hard engager, so you draft him when the enemy doesn’t require many peels. On wally maps (TotSQ, ToD, BoE, DS), he’s really good, I always pick him when I need to pick out a single squishy (ppl love to pick squishies and it’s just so fun blowing them up!).

Johanna on the other hand is more about peeling, a more defensive Tank. Way better on open fields (like Hanamura) and actually has better waveclear than Dibbles (keep that in mind if your team didn’t draft enough of it).

I recently started to play SL again this season, this is currently my newest match -by “accident” with Diablo-:

Check it out if you’re interested.

On Johanna build:
At 4 imo pick Eternal Retaliation especially on maps where the obj has spawns (IS, AP) or you’ll lane a lot (TotSQ) and with that, you can pick Blessed Momentum at 7 without getting oom that often (try to watch your casting tho).
And with those talents, Holy Fury is better than the Hammer at 13.

At 16, I almost always take Imposing Pressence. It makes you tankier not just by making you more durable, but also with providing extra CC. So you have W for stun, R for stun, Q for slow and IP (Key 1) for another slow.

And give a try to BbtL at 20. If you can hit your E well and your team needs extra shields, it’s basically your Indestructable but to your whole team and more often.

Well, Johanna can escape by popping her trait. Diablo needs to only dives at high HP, or if he doesn’t need his Q, and can target a minion to get away.

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Yea, diablo i always find more problems, and die more.

I will look into it, i been going W build all along

this is wht im going on 4 n 7 n 13, but i didnt try imposing presence, i always take hioly renewal. i will try it out.

well i was hitting my E well, i got several resets to throw out blessed hammer when i took tht talent, but i like holy fury more now. i wil try bbtl. I thought it only provides shields to nearby allies n not to myself, didnt bother to go try mode to check it… from what you say it seems that johanna wil also get a shield for 25%. that can be good. and it provides cd through your E too… thts nice

Johanna is a generally powerful tank and is more meta right now, so you’re good picking her pretty much any time. She does shine more on maps where waveclear is more powerful. She’s particularly valuable on maps with two close lanes that consistently need to be cleared, like Tomb of the Spider Queen and Dragon Shire.

Diablo has traditionally been more powerful on certain maps. He can absolutely dominate games on maps where teams fight in small corridors such as Cursed Hollow, Infernal Shrines, and Towers of Doom.

Everything being equal, Johanna is the safer pick more often, but Diablo can completely win the game for you, particularly if you are more skilled than your opponents and are reliably taking advantage of their mistakes in positioning.


That’s how I climbed :'D

Just curious but what healer do you find to be the best with diablo?

Diablo is his own healer, that’s part of what makes him great. Usually my self heal on him ranges from 2/3rd of the healers heal to equal. Healer pick is irrelevant to him mostly.

I said this out of a healer perspective. I didnt ask a question just to hear he can heal on his own

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I suppose Auriel because they can be wallbang buddies.


There are a lot of good ones. When you’re picking Diablo as a tank your initial best strategy is to kill one enemy very quickly when they’re out of position. Therefore, heroes who bring follow-up CC to his initial burst of offensive power are generally the best.

Healers that i’m happy to see when i’m Diablo are:

  1. Tyrande - There’s a reason this is a tried and true combo. Tyrande provides both follow-up CC and vulnerability on the target he charges. The combo does take coordination to pull off though, so unless you’re on the same page this won’t work well.
  2. Uther
  3. Malfurion
  4. Deckard (his CC is a little slow though so it’s best to have someone else who can more reliably follow up Diablo’s Stun)
  5. Anduin

Really anyone who has reliable CC is optimal. You can get away with soft CC like Stukov, or other useful debuffs like Ana’s Grenade as well, but it’s not as easy to pull off as simply CC-chaining Diablo’s target and killing them (these heroes are perfectly fine if someone else on your team is providing the follow-up CC instead of you).


I do love Tyrande with diablo. Especially with elunes chosen in case he might be too ambitious and goes out of my reach.

I had a friend who went Alex W build+gift of life and I went devils due. I really felt like a raid boss with my enourmous heanthpool! But good alexstraszas are hard to find

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Sorry I don’t play Alex overall.


Nobody of my friends does :sob:
But you are a hidden tank main. All those years of doing perfect shielding with tass and force walls made you a in the closet tank main


Auriel + Diablo is also pretty good. Face slam them, and then Auriel has a free chain target since they’re already against a wall.

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Add Tassadar with Wall to them…

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Yeah im struggling with diablo, bcoz of the lack of follow ups in solo queue.
But as i have found a couple of friends with similar skills to play with. Im thinking to shift to Diablo in some maps.
Thanks for insight :slight_smile:

That is an insane combo. add jaina to that and its a confirm kill on anything except tanks almost always. :smiley:

True, i actually didnt think of it :smiley:

No one plays tassa in bronze,
i made it to silver finally, i doubt i find a tassa till gold i guess

Too bad all i can do with current devastating charge is setup everything and pray people are going to kill the guy with that incredible 15 armor /debuff after i stack it.
Meanwhile i can setup things with malganis or etc and have fun not having all my cds taken after the setup or have a 4 sec duration stun setup.

Atm, lvl 21 Alex, 53.3% wr in ranked, 6.34 kda; 56.8% in QM with 5.33 kda.
One of my fav healers (third actually behind Uther and Deckard).
Am I qualified? :thinking: