It doesn't feel like devs ever read these forums


We used to get blue posts on a semi regular basis, giving us some insight into how things work at blizzard. Nowadays we basically never get responses to any of our threads.

I’ve talked so much about why I’m unhappy with the current state of valeera, and months and months later we still have no updates on her. It feels like all the effort I’m putting into writing these threads goes straight down the drain.

I’m sure other people feel the same way too. Tassadar players have been asking for a rework for a while, and haven’t heard a peep about it from blizzard. This goes for plenty of other heroes too.

So I guess my point is: some blue posts here or there would really go a long way in helping us not feel like these forums have been completely abandoned lol. Just popping in once in a while so we know you’re there and listening, and maybe even responding to some of our requests for the game.


I read plenty of your threads, so I am not surprised…


Since we don’t have a competitive scene I don’t care about balances for now. They must focus on important things like the way they are making money with the game and put together TL and HL. I still have hope this game has redemption, but probably i’m in denial.



If I saw hailfail posts constantly. I wouldn’t want to come to these forums as a developer.

People schooled him in his Valeera guide but he still hasn’t learned anything.


Even when they were more active on the forums. We don’t get hero reworks based on posts by one person.

What if someone posts something that directly contradicts yours?


There was a blue dev post literally two days ago.


There’s a difference between posting an announcement thread and actively responding to/acknowledging concerns brought up in various threads. Even a post that says “we hear you” would be welcome.


Striker, you recommended thistle tea and initiative, two of the most useless talents in the entire game. Maybe it’s you who has a few things to learn.

Please stop attacking me on every post I make.


There are like 20-30 active posters on this forum

look around


The blue post touched on 3 common complaints on the forums (mm, buying the collection and the lunar event)
The acknowledged they are lacking in the communication at the very start and explained WHY.
Not quite sure what else you want?


Perhaps they could follow through on the better communication?


It was 2 days ago… how do you know they wont?


Just because the devs ignore you spamming crier threads doesn’t mean they never listen to anyone. It just means they don’t listen to you.


Again. I’m not Striker, I’m pretty sure he already told you that.

He didn’t recommend them - but he did point out where those things could be used. There’s a huge difference there.


Yeah, like DollyLox said, the “announcement thread” 2 days ago also mentioned that they’ll try to communicate more in the future (and explained why they couldn’t/didn’t before).

So, give them a chance (at least a few days, it’s the weekend after all)


probobly Kaeo :milk_glass:er does


I didn’t say the announcement wasn’t good or didn’t address public concerns, I was just pointing out that sentiments like the OP’s are the direct result of a lack of individual feedback.


You mean like the one K. M. just put out Like that or are you expecting one addressed personally to you (if its the later that say so much )


I wasnt born yesterday you know. You act exactly the same, type the same way, and talk the same way. It doesnt take a detective to figure it out.


First all. How can she be my alt if we’re on at the same time?

I never said I recommended them. I said they are useful in certain situations. Also Initiative allows you to have a faster burst. That’s pretty damn useful.