It doesn't feel like devs ever read these forums


Posts like this are really code for something else: “The devs won’t make the changes I want them to make. I’m right, they’re wrong, and the fact that they aren’t talking tells me that they are ignoring the truth. This is why the game is dying.”

But moving onwardly.

I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that the devs can’t post here without checking with some lead first. Any post that does have that blue text is going to draw ALL attention to the thread. You’ll get people who copy the post so we can rate it (back when we could up/downvote), you’ll get people who thank the dev, and people attacking them. You’ll also get people quoting and getting less than polite about how that topic got attention but not the OTHER topic. It’s a nightmare.

Devs talking can really make or break the public image of a company. Look at the backlash against Blizzard for the comments the devs made regarding Diablo Immortal onstage. More recently, look at the response to the translated post from the dev attached to Metro Exodus… So I’m sure ANY developer is going to think VERY carefully about what they should say and whether it NEEDS to be said.

What makes it worse is the fact that the team is still sorting out what they’re going to be doing for their ‘slower cadence’ of releases around the game, how best to allocate their resources, and so on. They have enough to figure out that they don’t need a furor over a blue post on the forums because they didn’t think before they spoke. This is also compounded by the fact that we’ve heard the rumors that Activision is gonna start laying people off, so I think there might be more pressing concerns about whether they should be updating their resume in the near future…

The forums are a good way to see what people are thinking. However, these are opinions, based on personal preferences and understanding. It’s entirely possible that there are factors and facts outside your understanding.


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Making Tassadar posts for 1 year and more for any answer from devs…

Oh really? They don’t read forums? How can it be possible? :astonished:


Right? Hahaha. Hailfail has to be right. He’s opinions should be held above all others even though he admits being a QM player solely and refuses to accept our challenge.


They mentioned in an AMA already that a rework is pretty near.

As @MaxSS1000 said, devs can’t just post as Blues. A Blue post is an authority and something ppl will quote and use and bring up.
But Blizzard said it many times that they read the forums even when they look silent. Like how we got a big thread by Kaéo about basically the recent most asked questions.
And who knows, maybe they comment here with their public accounts “anonymously”. Because… you know, they play their games.


They are all working on mobile games so nobody left to read or respond to post’s


Everyone wants better communication and they admitted that they need to improve. There are some valid points here about what they can say, and potential consequences. We can be hopeful for a change.

My random idea: Have an indicator on the thread, that it has been read by a Dev. Most just want to feel heard.


even when selective posters were graced with personal responses from the blues, the type of… ‘feedback’ they’d want to offer pretty much stayed in the same, hm, cadence as you’d see with the OP.

Op’s quirks are more of their proclivities than the consequence of ¬blue


They’re undergoing a lot of internal changes and pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are going to be moved around from the HotS team or if the game is about to be completely canceled.

There’s a new CFO and nobody on that board, least of all him, cares about your experience with HotS if it’s not making them ludicrous amounts of $$$, which it probably isn’t. If their new Diablo mobile game ends up being the cash cow they want it to be, there’s a chance HotS is done for. Wouldn’t even be surprised if Blizzard as a whole saw entire repurposing.

So, about your concern that devs aren’t currently spamming the board with blue posts, it’s probably not on their priorities right now. If things settle down I’m sure we’ll have more input. If not, it’s gonna stay that way for maybe a year and then it’s goodbye.


I’d like to read what you’re talking about. I’m not asking you to prove that it exists, just since you know of it, perhaps you can link it or point me to it, if you could please?


They read Reddit quicker than the old forums. Archiving and making all the silly little rules cut a lot of activity. Most old posters went away after THE announcement. Hell Neo HailFail rules this forum.


top of the stickied list


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Big fan since the day of release. I love boombox




I’m sure you want to be heard about Moira.


They do read, a lot ,you complain because it does not fit your agenda.


Sure, but if people start whining because they don’t get personal dev responses to their (vapid) threads, that’s not a problem with lack of (individual) feedback. It just means some people have unrealistic expectations.

Devs have repeatedly confirmed they read threads. There’s no need for them to also spam meaningless ‘we read this’ posts everywhere, especially since posters are already discouraged from making such empty posts.


reading and responding are two different things. you can read a thread without typing anything.


Try to post less and maybe there will be more blue posts