Internet went out. Stuck in leaver hell for over 2 hours

Trying to get a win in leaver league brawls is next to impossible. Every game there’s an intentional DC and then my team loses.

This needs to be addressed: wins or losses, not just wins. More than 2 hours of being unable to play ranked is garbage.


It only happens when you record constant behavior of disconnecting. One internet loss in a blue moon will not give you a penalty. Clearly, since you’ve been penalized, you’ve lost connection more then once in a short enough period of time that you’re considered a problem.

The strict penalty should stay exactly how it is. It’s does a good job at wedding out AFKers and people that only think about themselves and play on sh!tty connections/pc’s.


Nah its based on how many times it has happened, it never resets no matter how long you have went without disconnecting.

The only thing the leaver penalty accomplishes is: it makes people afk/throw instead of leaving.

This isn’t true. I’ve seen it reset for myself, several times.