Incorporate a blacklist for toxic players

I’m tired of playing with the same trolls over and over. Please create a blacklist where I can put say 10 players that way I’m never matched with them, only against them. Pretty sure this would help the community immensely.



Shame that 10 players would fill up in a day due to lack of punishment toward these toxic players.

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Still waiting for a blacklist. Toxic players eventually unable to play would fix this game immensely.

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Oh i agree but blizzard does not think trolling and afking is a problem so they refuse to do anything. I gave up on this game. Its a fun game but lack of attention has made it unplayable


Blacklists will never come to this game as it will just be abused like it was in OW. Better just do the whisper trick and check the troll game status.

When he enter a game you que up yourself.

its motivation that is the problem. no one cares at all. if they did care they wouln’t change at all. cause its all about being correct all the time.

i’m not always correct, but i learn mistakes and i correct them. most of them will never change or not improve their quality of skill.

Only 10??? I need like 100000000…

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If your ignore list is full maybe the problem is you.

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Nah there are that many trolls in the game sadly. Even in mid diamond its a huge problem.

you have to think of where the trolls came from. The ranked Match making has gotten worse every season so there are going to be a lot of mad people. For starters placement matches are a joke and don’t do anything. Second the have never reset ranked MMR. 3rd they only really care about plat or higher game play. Every season is worst than the last, but there is nothing else to play so people do…

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add them as friends; check to make sure they are in games; then queue up; problem solved.

We need before a blacklist for potatoes…

They call that the block list and i clean mine out each season and it fills up before half the season even ends. This game is too flooded with toxic players and game throwers.

We need an Overwatch system to let playerbase decided if someone act on purpose or not !

There definitely needs to be some kind of peer reputation system whereby you can rate whether the person you played with made the experience positive, negative, or neutral. There are far too many toxic players in ranked purposely throwing matches and actively working against their team and the reporting system does absolutely nothing. I can’t count the number of times I am queued up for a match with someone I just reported five minutes ago.

While I agree with that. I feel like everyone in this game considers everything toxic so everyone is just gonna get banned lol