*** In-depth proposals for Storm league and Server Consolidation ***

Before making a full-fledged proposal, I would like to introduce some helpful materials.

The following link is a well-organized document on the problems of the Storm League.

Unfortunately, it is in Korean. There are many colloquialisms, so if you use an Internet translator, it is likely to be distorted. If possible, please get help from a professional translator.
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Current problems with Storm leagues (1)


Current problems with Storm leagues (2)


Let’s get down to business.
1. Current problems with storm leagues :strawberry:

It is currently operating as a storm league by integrating the existing hero league and the team league.

However, there are many problems after consolidation.

The most serious thing is that there is no limit to one to five people, so when we play the grade game alone, there are fewer users of Hots, so we often meet five or four-person parties.

In this case, even if we can play well, we have to play with 4 random players, but 4~5 party enemy players already work well together. It’s almost impossible to win with 4 random players.

If Blizzard’s management play only 1 week, This can be seen by analyzing the correlation between the winning and losing, the number of allies and enemy parties, and the existing hero league rating (or MMR).

No matter how well we did in the hero league (a system that was only available for one or two-man duo at the time), in now the storm league system (a system that was actually only renamed in the team league, 1,2,3,4,5 party all possible) we can’t.

If both allies and enemies were given one person(not party) fairly, win rate would be 50%.

However, for example, if the 2 games of 5 games are played with 10 solo people(not party), and the 3 games are played with [solo 5 people] allies and [4~5 party] enemies.

The previous two games are fair, so assuming that the winning rate is 50%, we assume 1 win and 1 loss.

We assume that we will be defeated in the remaining three games, where the enemy team is a 4-5 member party.

As a result, gamers who play alone get a disastrous result of 1 win and 4 losses.

I understand that it has changed so that [the enemy team is marked as a 4-5 member party] cannot be seen. But it’s not very effective.

For example, consider a soccer game.

Our team has 11 new people, and the enemy team has 11 people who are in good harmony because they are acquainted.

Can we win? It’s absolutely impossible.

We need to separate into the hero league and the team league again. The number of hots gamers is already decreasing. The storm league is getting worse. It’s becoming their own league that only the people who always play.

Because it makes the person who plays alone feel lethargic.

I suggest a quick rollback that separates the hero league and the team league again.

Please restore the storm league to a hero league that can be played by up to two people.

(In the past, hero leagues were available for up to two people, and there were times when they were limited to one person.

The one-person limitation excessively excludes the pleasure of playing games together.

Therefore, I think it is appropriate that up to two players can play the hero league together.

The team league needs to study separately how many people will be limited to. (Don’t affect the hero league.)

The important thing is the hero league. We need to revive the hero league where 2 players can play together to create a discriminating class match.

Currently, all kinds of [sub-account users and multi-person parties] have eliminated the distinction between grades.

People don’t trust the grade either.

It’s becoming their own league where party users connect regularly. Quick improvement is needed.)
2. Server Consolidation :cake:

It’s been quite a while since HGC was abolished.

The number of users has decreased.

Especially, the Asian server is in a serious condition.

Even the Grandmaster can’t be filled.

I think we should integrate the Asian server and the American server.
(The integration of the European server and the Asian server is excluded because the latency between the two servers is currently too high. If Blizzard can reduce latency in some way, this is not impossible.
However, the latency between the Asian server and the US server is already low compared to the European server. The integration of low-latency Asian and US servers can provide lower latency to each other by default. In addition, adding local servers and optimizing the entire servers can improve this latency even lower. Just like now before the integration.
If the European server and other servers are integrated, the basic latency will be very high and this will be very inefficient.)

It doesn’t matter that the language of the users is different. Koreans and Taiwanese are already playing together on the Asian server. Europeans speak similar languages, but Taiwanese and Korean are completely different. Nevertheless, we can communicate through the in-game signal.

Anyway, back to the point, I think we need to integrate the Asian server and the American server.

The matching quality cannot be good if there are fewer people. It is better for users to play with users who are similar in skills than to have poor skills while using the same language. Users can communicate at least with in-game signals anyway.
Thank you for reading the long article.

Please understand the intention of the writing and reflect it as soon as possible.

for this to happen you need:
blizz upper lvl management
some kocaine
after binging for 2 weeks I can see them merging asian servers with the US.
srsly tho, if i had to play against asian bio robots, consider me out. we already have fanhots