Impossible to win with Ana

Since imperius update, it has become impossible to win with Ana.
Played a total of 11 games as Ana (more with others included), but only managed to win just 1 game.

It is not necessarily Imperius at fault, but rather the extreme stun-heavy team compositions in QM sine the update.

Anyone else experienced a similar trend, where suddenly you cannot win any game with your main hero anymore since the update?

You must have had a winning streak, game needed to teach you a lesson…


I am very much inclined to believe that :cry:


lol L2P 20charzzzzzz

no u

I have been doing fine against Imperius, though what build did you went mostly? Kinda curios.

Happens sometimes.

When I played murky a lot I would often have long losing streaks such as described. Which felt especially odd as my overall winrate on him was nearly 70%. (well, on the old murky, i have not played much of the reworked murky).

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A bit harsh there lol
But dont forget that when someone plays a support sometimes your at the mercy of how competentt your allies can be which is why assassins as so popular because "if you want to have a job done , better do it yourself " mentality.

I played games as support and theres games i did my best but my allies were just completely incompetent.
I talking 14 death dva incompetent kinda bad ( no i still havent forgoten about you … Whoever you were lol )

You can heal all you want , but lack of common sense isnt something you can heal lol

it is very interesting that the total number of posts seems to be counted in each post.

As in I see your “no u” comment as it saying you have 3779 posts, and the “I have been doing fine…” as having 3780 posts.

Or maybe it’s just a quirk that a refresh will fix.

edit: just a refresh quirk.

Generally I tend to take:
Piercing Darts / Overdose / Mind numbing Serum / Ult depends / Purifying darts OR smelling salts / Sharpshooter / lv 20 depends.

If we have heavy self sustain I tend to take grenade build.

I do feel smelling salts (remove stun and apply +50 armour) is more convenient than purifying darts, because the stun lasts quite some time and is fairly hard to avoid.

Honestly not playing differentcompared to before the update.
Though the character radii reduction still messes up my accuracy, and I feel allies tend to move around more than before (avoid heal at all cost!!).

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The cc epidemic has been here for a bit. You might enjoying the smaller hit boxes now. Big hardship for Ana implemented this past month by Blizzard.

Pretty much this, the forums doesn’t update everything unless you refresh the page. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kostly played against him with Ana on the PTR, but there at least breaking his self-sustain with Grenade/Spellpower debuff and going for the stun removal proved quite effective.

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I have to agree that the radius reduction really took an effect on my aiming too with Ana, less power for skills shots more power to point click, yikes.

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It is not necessarily Imperius himself I have trouble with, rather the team compositions since the update.
If I get imperius in my team, I lose as much as when I play against him

Maybe I should be paying more attention to his molten armour then.
Is that his only ability (and talent lane) that provide self heal?

Well, that is what is better of course! -sarcasm-
Make the game easier for heroes who require less mastery so that high-skill heroes aren’t as strong anymore in the right hands :’)

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Sorry, this just popped into my head reading that… and I could not help writing it:
Maybe you should play lili so the heal will always hit them!
Lili has healing, and a blind. And Ana heals, and can get ways to blind people. And they’re both the same gender. So just play lili!

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Imperious is actually amazing to play against as Ana. Sit back, wait for Imperious to Q, then Sleep Dart him. EZ STAX.

Then I’m the player that makes the impossible, possible.

If you do your best every game and out-perform the opponent support, you will win more often than you lose regardless of how good/bad ur team-mates are.

Steroid supports aren’t even that skill reliant cos u just pop ur R on ur carry and boom he does all the work for you. (Ana is somewhat of an exception cos her kit is skillshot reliant).

Ana is still a very strong support, especially when casters are very strong in meta. I ban her often.

ah, don’t you love the games where some goober keeps charging in and then complains about your healing? like, man, i can’t heal you when you’re dead from the concentrated damage of five enemy heroes! :sob: